5 Times "It's Complicated" Perfectly Describes Your Relationship

For years, people have discussed the notorious "It's Complicated" Facebook relationship status. Initially, it appeared absurd that such an option even existed. However, as I continue to explore unconventional dating, I'm discovering that "complicated" is a common status that many individuals experience from time to time in the dating world. The ambiguous realm of relationships has become all too familiar, and we frequently ponder where our current situation is leading us. During these moments, "it's complicated" is a legitimate depiction of our relationship status.

1. Your "friends With Benefits" Situation Just Became Something More

On occasion, a casual hookup can lead to a more serious romantic relationship, but more often than not, this arrangement can backfire and result in complications. Many of us have experimented with a "friends with benefits" dynamic, only to discover that one or both of us have developed feelings, leaving us unsure of how to proceed. We don't want to jeopardize our friendship or the benefits of the arrangement.

2. You're "on A Break" But Don't Know How Long It'll Last

When someone requests a "break" in a relationship, it is often their way of saying, "Please give me space until I can decide if I truly want to remain in this relationship." The issue with taking a break is that it can frequently result in an actual breakup. During the time away from a significant other, one can rediscover a sense of independence that may have been lacking during the committed relationship. Regrettably, some individuals take advantage of this newfound freedom even before officially ending things.

3. You're In An On-again, Off-again Relationship

Inconsistency can be incredibly exasperating. In an on-again, off-again relationship, one may never know if their partner will unexpectedly vanish from their life only to resurface again a month or two later. This perpetual waiting game can result in a confusing and chaotic situation where one is unsure whether they should continue the relationship or not. The constant uncertainty creates a tremendous amount of stress, leaving one hanging on by a thread.

4. You're In A Long-distance Romance

When two individuals commit to maintaining a relationship despite being separated by hundreds or thousands of miles, it can be a difficult situation, particularly when trying to determine how to overcome the physical distance and whether it is even feasible. While some individuals excel in long-distance relationships, it can be a challenging experience for most. This situation is undoubtedly a test of commitment, and one must be patient and see how things unfold.

5. Someone Cheated

Cheating can be the ultimate demise of a previously happy and affectionate relationship. Once someone's trust is broken, it can be exceptionally challenging to regain. Rebuilding trust requires extensive communication and understanding. Nevertheless, not everyone forgives so readily. On one hand, you may still love and want to be with your partner, but on the other hand, you may despise the fact that they betrayed your trust. Overcoming infidelity is not impossible, but it is undoubtedly a difficult feat.