5 Things You Should Never, Ever Have To Settle For

5 Things You Should Never, Ever Have To Settle For

Life's one compromise after another. But there are certain things you shouldn't settle for, not now, and not ever. If you do, you might regret it forever!

You can't be too picky, but certain things are simply non-negotiable. You should be smart enough to know when it's okay to settle in life. Sometimes it's all about looking at the big picture, but even then, you have to have some boundaries.

Here's when a compromise isn't an option:

Abuse, in any shape or form

It's okay to be single, and it's okay to have a crappy job with decent people. Emotional or any other form of abuse is not allowed.

React the moment you start feeling trapped or limited. You don't want to become immune to abuse because that's preparing you for a life of trauma and unhappiness. Not to mention, it's quite dangerous and can take a severe toll on your overall health.


You deserve more than surviving. There are times complicated and challenging when mere survival is a success. But, overall, life's about finding passions, rediscovering yourself, talents, and places.

You have one life, so don't waste it on mediocracy. If you're not the one chasing your dreams and living your most authentic self, no one will do it for you.

What you desire

Stop thinking about others and live the way you want to live. If you're invested in other people's opinions, you'll end up with regrets.

It's your life, so don't settle for something because of others or because it's not traditional life. If you feel that you are meant for bigger things, go for it now! Don't hesitate. Just do it!

Your health

From your physical to your mental health and spirituality, nothing will work unless you do. When you are healthy, you can do and become whatever you want.

Sleep enough, exercise, and try to eat healthier. Learn to release the stress and train your mind to stay positive, even when things aren't looking great.

Tragically, we take our health for granted. We barely even think about it until we get sick. But you have the power to prevent a lot of issues by taking care of yourself.


You're not your education, nor you are your work. You're not your hairstyle, nor the clothes you wear. Your true value is inside, and it's up to you to honor it, and it's not up for debate.

As you grow, so does your sense of worth. And the more you have faith in yourself, the easier it gets to live the life you were meant to.

It seems like it's a lot of work to avoid settling. But, once you start creating boundaries, betting on yourself, you will cherish your existence more.

Remember that settling is an easy way out, but living your best life, well, that's admirable!