5 Things You Should Know Before Loving A Girl With A Toxic Ex

5 Things You Should Know Before Loving A Girl With A Toxic Ex

Love is a beautiful thing. And it can be somewhat of a challenge when you fall for a girl who doesn't seem to believe in love due to the toxic relationship she has suffered at the hands of her ex. This girl will be special, and you have to treat her in a special way. But rest assured, beneath this skeptical exterior, you will realize that this girl is worth your effort, your love, and your time. Sure, she might be vulnerable and afraid to fall in love, but there are five things she wishes you knew about her.

1. She Has Trust Issues

Obviously, right? She might have doubts about everything you tell her when you meet because she will doubt your intentions. She might even come off as judgmental, as she will think that all men are out to hurt her, which is why she has a hard time trusting you. Being the boyfriend of the year might not change this either, at least not at first, because she still remembers the disappointment she suffered the last time she trusted a guy.

2. She Has Her Guard Up

Be aware that when you love a girl who had a toxic ex, she will be guarded. She does this because she wants to protect herself from heartbreaks. After her love ended in pain, she has a problem loving again. She will also act tough, but it is all meant to protect her vulnerable heart.

However, the day she thinks you deserve to see her vulnerable loving side, she will open up. One day, the barriers will be broken, and she will not withhold anything from you.

3. She Has Been Through It All

You might not be able to tell by looking at her, but this girl has been through a lot of pain in her life. But even when she was down and out, she found the courage and strength to piece her life back together. She fell for the wrong guy, and he broke her heart into a thousand pieces. So, you better not do the same to her.

4. She Can't Chase You

There is no pride in this girl, and playing hard to get is not fun for her. So, it is not like she wants you to pursue her so that she can feel better about herself. But that does not mean she wants to chase anyone either. She is only interested in people who are interested in her. She has been through enough crap to realize that she no longer has time to run around. Therefore, even if she falls madly in love with you, it will not be a one-sided relationship where she makes all the effort. She can live without you, even if she really cares about you.

5. She'd Never Get Back With Her Ex

Make no mistakes about it – even though the girl loved her ex, she would never get back with him. So, don't let the passion she had for her ex make you feel insecure. She had a good reason for leaving, and she would not have walked away if there was still a chance she wanted it to work.