5 Things You Must Accept Before You Find True Love

5 Things You Must Accept Before You Find True Love

Many of us go around looking for true love. We long for the feeling of being accepted and cherished forever by someone who's so dear to us.

We wish to find the one person who will complete us and make our life perfect.

However, we can only find true love if we love ourselves. The more love you have for yourself, the more love you can accept from others, and one of them might be your soulmate.


But what should you accept to prepare yourself for love when it comes? Can you meet someone and just say you love them and care about them without knowing their "bad side"?

Read on to find out 5 things you MUST accept before you find true love.

True Love Shouldn't Hurt Too Much

Yeah, we all say love hurts. But, in fact, despite all the conflicts you and your partner go through in a relationship, love isn't supposed to hurt either of you.


True love should feel good. If your love consistently hurts you, talk to your partner about it, maybe there's something the two of you can do to fix that.

And if nothing works, then maybe you should reconsider this relationship.

If you feel that you're the prisoner of love, maybe you shouldn't be in love. This feeling, as though you're drowning or suffocating probably means it's time to come up for some fresh air. So, if all your relationship does is bring you sorrow, maybe you should just let it go.


True Love Doesn't Need to be Fought Over

People usually say, "if you really love someone, you have to fight for them." And, while that's true, you shouldn't fight for their love.

As long as you truly know your partner and trust them, you'll fight for that.

But we're talking about fighting for someone's love, or fighting to keep them loving you.

If you feel the need to fight someone for their love, it probably isn't worth it. It isn't the real thing, and it probably isn't even love at all.


True Love Doesn't Mean Having No Problems, It Means Being Able To Solve Them

Some people make the mistake of believing that for the relationship to work, there shouldn't be any problems or arguing.

They believe that we need to understand each other 100% without having to try. This kind of "love" is often only an illusion, though.

True love and care, on the other hand, mean going together through thick and thin and working on your differences to be happier in the relationship.


You need to face reality the way it is, and try to resolve problems through respect, compromise, and mutual understanding.

True Love Takes Effort

Don't believe anyone who tells you that love has to be easy. This is definitely not the case.

When two people are in love and really care for each other, no matter how hard it is, they'll always look for a way to make it work.


If you want to continue being with your significant other, you should both put in the work, but regardless of that, true love always feels right.

True Love Doesn't Grow On Trees

True love doesn't grow out of the blue—it's built. It's something you have to work on with your partner as mature adults.

Love is built by sincere listening, communication, and empathy.


For there to be true love, there has to be support, genuine compassion, charity, and selflessness. This way, you can build a healthy, happy relationship.

Hopefully, these 5 things you must accept before you find true love gave you an idea of what true love is about. Many people have heard of it, but only a few have really experienced it. Have you?