5 Things To Know About Dating A Loner

5 Things To Know About Dating A Loner

Starting a new relationship is never easy. Starting it with someone who's used to being alone, will drive you crazy. But it doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Some people simply enjoy their company more than hanging out with others. They are often labeled as loners, which sounds worse than it is. If you are dating someone who enjoys solitude, here are 5 crucial things you need to know.

They Will Freak Out

If a loner hasn't been dating for a while, they might get freaked out by their feeling for you.


These people love their routine, so give them space, let them get used to having you in their area. Talk about the issue, and try to put yourself in their shoes.

Alone Time Never Goes Away

A loner will need their "me" time from time to time. And that's great!

Unlike in other relationships, this person might teach you something about being on your own. Everyone deserves to be their own best friend, so use the time apart to work on yourself.


Otherwise, they will feel trapped, and you will look clingy — not a good outcome.

Take It Slow

What's the rush? Dating is not a race, so accept that your new SO likes to take things slow.

You will either discover you're enjoying this slow pace, or you'll know that you two weren't meant to be.

They Won't Ask For Help

Loners rely on themselves, which can drive you crazy.


It's great that someone independent is part of your life, but do you really have to ask if they need your help all the time? Frustrating!

Loners Are Emotional Rocks

If you only rely on yourself, you get used to doing everything on your own.

It gives a person a stronger sense of self and emotional strength, which can be intimidating. But, you won't have to babysit them or worry if they'll be insulted every time you tell a joke.


Even if your relationship doesn't work out, there are so many great things you will learn. But the most important one is that you are good enough to pursue your thing.

You don't have to get completely sucked into the life of a loner, but it's good to know that you can be alone and feel content.