5 Things To Do When You're Tired Of Begging Your Partner For Attention

5 Things To Do When You're Tired Of Begging Your Partner For Attention

Your partner should be the one person who's always there for you. But at this point, it truly feels like you're always begging him for attention.

Lately, you hate to admit it, but you haven't been happy in your relationship. You would love things to feel the way they used to, but somehow, everything has changed.

A man you fell in love with has been acting weird, and you no longer feel like you're the most important person in his life. To be precise, you're not even sure if he loves you anymore.

Your relationship is going through turmoil, and it seems that you're the only one constantly trying to make it work. You're begging your partner to notice you, to give you a sign that he's aware of your presence, but all your efforts are in vain.

What do you do now? How do you behave when you're tired of begging your partner for attention? Well, here are some tips that can help you.

1. Stop begging him for attention

It's hard to accept that your partner isn't paying any attention to you. He was supposed to be that one person you can always count on, but right now, he's like the complete opposite.

You want to save your relationship, so you keep begging him to change. But the more you try, the more stubborn he gets.

I know you can't stand feeling abandoned by your partner, but you must know that begging him to change won't help you. If anything, when you constantly repeat to him that he needs to alter his behavior, he'll probably pull away even more.

So, the best thing to do right now is simply quit begging him for attention. Go quiet and see where the road takes you from there.

2. Communicate your feelings

I get it, you're feeling left alone, but have you shared your feelings with your partner? Have you told him what's bothering you and negatively affecting your relationship at the same time?

If you've never sat down with him and had a talk, then this is your chance. Just because you feel a certain way doesn't mean he's aware of that.

You need to be vocal about your emotions for a guy to understand them. Tell him why it hurts to have to beg for a bit of his attention. It's time for you to finally share the way you feel and see if he gets where you're coming from.

Give him some time to realize his mistakes. If he doesn't change for the better, I'm sorry to say, but you're better off without this man.

3. Focus on yourself

While you're waiting for your partner to recognize and own up to his mistakes, you should focus on yourself. You've spent enough time trying to impress your partner and make your relationship work.

Now, it's time for him to make a move. It's time for him to realize his part in this and change his behavior.

In the meantime, go out and have fun with your friends, enroll in a course you always wanted to take, and finally start reading that book that's been lying on your shelf gathering dust.

Be your priority and fall in love with yourself. Only then will you be able to teach others how to love you.

4. Seek professional help

If you've tried everything, but you see no progress, then there are two things you can do. The first one is to seek professional help.

Even though your relationship has been on shaky ground, maybe you still don't want to let go of it. You want to give it a chance since you love your partner and can't stand the thought of losing him.

In that case, the two of you can go to relationship counseling. Maybe talking with a professional would help both of you resolve the issues you're facing.

As long as you're talking about problems, you still have a chance. But the moment silence overtakes your relationship is the moment things start to fall apart irreparably.

5. Walk away

After you've tried everything and you still have to beg your partner for attention, there's only one thing left to do: walk away. You did your best and tried to make things work. Unfortunately, you can't be the only one fighting for love.

Your partner needs to put an equal amount of effort into your relationship for it to work. Anything less than that won't give any positive results.

We all have our bad days, that's not an issue. But it's also not an excuse you should use to justify your partner's behavior.

When he's not willing to get invested in your relationship, then what's the point? You can't be the only one trying since your efforts will lead you to unhealthy relationship dynamics.

So, once you realize that things aren't working, no matter how hard you try, it's time for you to pack your things and leave. It's always better to be alone than with someone you have to beg for attention.