5 Things That Make Women Beautiful With Or Without Makeup

5 Things That Make Women Beautiful With Or Without Makeup

Being beautiful doesn't come in the form of lipstick. Although women are judged based on their looks, true beauty knows no boundaries, and it's not restricted to the way you look.

A lasting impression reflects a person behind the face. Beauty is subjective, and it fades. But these 5 things can stay with you forever. The real power comes when you realize that being beautiful is your choice.



There's nothing sexier than a woman who owns the room. Not because she wears the best makeup and has the perfect outfit. Her courage will make you forget about all those things.

Being a woman with confidence in a male-dominated world is your right and a weapon. Though women are often presented as vulnerable and emotional, confidence trumps all those qualities.



Compassion is the glue to any relationship.

Being compassionate in a fast-moving, dog-eat-dog world is brave, sensual, and kind of awesome. No wonder all the celebrities try so hard to show they are more than their photoshopped covers. But only a few are seen as the real deal since you can't fake these traits.



For centuries, women were told to be seen, not heard. The times have changed, so pursuing your passions, whatever they may be, is a sign of self-respect.

A woman chasing her dreams is inspiring, and she deserves admiration. Living life to the fullest and being passionate about your goals shows you're tough and resilient.



Everything you as a woman are, and everything you aspire to be, can be summoned up with the energy you send.

All the passions, dreams, ideas, kindness, all the late nights you spent working on yourself while at college or later in life, it's all presented fabulously by your aura.


Knowledge is empowering. It's attractive, provocative, and the worst thing society did to women is presented this idea that pretty girls aren't smart. And vice versa.


Every book you read, play you see, investing time and money in your wellbeing, it's what makes you truly beautiful.

A fun-loving, kind, educated women will stay beautiful forever. If a woman limits herself to makeup and good filters, no one will be able to really see her.

There's nothing wrong with putting makeup on. But it will never be a priority because it's true: no matter how you look, it's the inside that counts. You can take over the world with or without makeup and challenge other ladies to do the same!