5 Things Only A Real Man Can Do In A Relationship

5 Things Only A Real Man Can Do In A Relationship

A lot of women think that a "real man" doesn't exist. A real man is defined by nothing but his actions.

If you want to know if you want to be with this man or not, watch how he behaves. His words, his actions, and his reactions all mean so much about what kind of man he is.

You can't fail to notice the difference between a mature, well-mannered gentleman who carries himself with confidence, and a selfish frat boy.


In short, a real man does things in a relationship that not only makes you fall in love with him and his attitude, but that also makes you respect him.

With this in mind, here are 5 things only a real man can do in a relationship.

He Respects You

This is the first thing a woman should look for in a potential partner. If he doesn't respect you, he just isn't fit to be with you.


You should pay attention to his talk about other women, and his opinions regarding women in general. Doing that will definitely give you a hint on how he'd treat you in a relationship.

A man should respect your personality, your values, your looks, your religious beliefs, your emotional needs, your flaws, and your past.

He Keeps Every Promise He Makes

Whatever happens, he always stands by his word.


He doesn't just talk carelessly, but he is a keeper of his own words. He's also always willing to prove that he meant every word that he said.

He's Loyal

A real man will always keep his word. He'll always let his actions show you his love and loyalty.

He wouldn't let you think you can't trust him. The one person you should be able to trust in this world is him.


Realizing you can trust your man with anything makes your relationship blossom.

He Protects You Physically And Emotionally

It's not like you can't protect yourself, but a real man is always there to protect you if you ever need it.

Real men protect their partners in many ways, not only physically.

Apart from physical protection, a real man should be able to provide financial security and emotional safety.


He's ready to defend his partner physically if necessary. But, at the same time, he always thinks before acting and his moves are all calculated.

Since a real man treats you with kindness, compassion, and respect, part of this protection is never to let you feel that any kind of abuse is an option to him.

He Takes Responsibility For his Decisions And Actions

A real man doesn't just shift the blame to others, especially not his partner, or try to defend himself and his mistakes.


He acknowledges his mistakes, apologizes for them if needed, and tries to fix them if possible.

"I'm sorry" doesn't make him less of a man.

In fact, he believes an apology makes him even more of a man because it demonstrates the confidence and courage to admit his faults and work to correct them.

It's hard to tag a man as either a real man or not, but these 5 qualities we mentioned can at least help give us an idea of what to look for in a man.


So, if all the men you've dated before were beyond immature, and you think that all guys are like that, hopefully, these 5 things a man should do in a relationship gave you an idea of what you should look for to find a real man.