5 Things He's Trying To Tell You By Using Prolonged Eye Contact

5 Things He’s Trying To Tell You By Using Prolonged Eye Contact

Do you find yourself wondering what that lingering eye contact from him really means? You should, because a person's eyes can tell you a lot; and they never lie.

First of all, prolonged eye contact is a very clear sign that the guy is interested in you. But don't take that to mean that a guy who looks away is not interested, especially if he is shy. A shy guy will look away when you lock eyes, but the attempt should at least let you know that he likes you.


Prolonged eye contact is also a sign of confidence, and who doesn't like that? Confidence is very important to women, and it is what keeps them interested. But if the prolonged eye contact keeps you guessing, here are some possibilities of what it might actually mean.

1. You are interesting

If the guy cannot seem to keep his eyes off you when you are having a conversation, it could be that he finds you to be really interesting. All he wants is to hear everything you have to say and enjoy the conversation you are having. If it's just the conversation he is interested in, you might notice that he is not as keen to look at you once you change the subject to something else. But if he keeps his eyes on you regardless of the topic of discussion, then it's not the conversation he is interested in but you.


2. A Sign of deep affection

If the guy is in a relationship with you and often has prolonged eye contact with you, it could be due to the deep affection he has for you. This look could also be a sign that the guy has trust in you, and he feels comfortable around you to be his real self. And if you are having a conversation and he maintains eye contact, it is a sign that he is honest and has nothing to hide. The prolonged eye contact with a guy you are in a relationship with can also be a sign of erotic interest.


3. Flirting

There can be many signs that someone is flirting with you, and one of them is prolonged eye contact. It is a pretty effective way to flirt as well, and it helps you understand if there is any chemistry between the two of you. However, if it's just one look, that is nothing to be concerned about. But if you catch him at it a few times, then it might be a sign of flirting as he is trying to create some sexual tension between the two of you. If you feel a connection as well, then it might be time for one of you to make a move.


4. He wants to be convincing

If he looking right into your eyes as he tells you something, it could be because he wants you to believe his every word. At this point, you might even have an argument if you break eye contact and look elsewhere, especially if he is telling you something important. Eye contact is a really good proof of trustworthiness; so he might be seeking to have you trust him by maintaining eye contact.


5. Sexual attraction

Prolonged eye contact creates sexual tension, and if you are feeling erotic feelings getting stirred within you, chances are that he is as well. One telltale sign of interest is if the eyebrows go up as well, as this is a clear sign by men that they are interested in a girl. If you are close enough, you might notice the pupils get larger and the eyes get a little sparkly. If all this comes with a warm and welcoming smile, then you should know that there is some erotic attraction in the air. But you can also look out for other physical signs such as him leaning towards you and so forth just to be sure.


Prolonged eye contact can mean a lot of things. But understand that a shy guy will have a hard time maintaining eye contact, and that can make it harder to understand his intentions. So, you might have to consider other verbal and nonverbal signs. Also note that eye contact can be broken due to a distraction in the surroundings, and there is nothing unusual about that.