5 Things Every Good Woman Deserves From Her Man

5 Things Every Good Woman Deserves From Her Man

If you are a good woman, you are strong, established, loving, and loyal, and you deserve a man who can bring just as much to the table as you do.

A good woman should not have to settle for less in life when they have so much to offer. Being a good woman is not necessarily only about looks and accomplishments in life, but more about how you act, treat people, relate to people, and what your goals are. If you are a good woman and you know it, you should accept no less, and you deserve no less than the following things in your relationship.

1. Honesty

You are a good woman, and you know that your honesty is one of the best and worst things about you. You do not sugar coat things, and you tell things like they are, as they should be. You should expect your partner to be honest no matter what the circumstances are. You deserve no less than honesty!

2. Trust

Trust, like honesty, goes hand in hand. You deserve a man who will give you trust. If your partner does not trust you, then you have nothing. Without trust, there is no belief in honesty. If your man doesn't trust you, do you think can you really trust him?

3. Freedom

If your man trusts you, and you trust your man, you should be allowed freedom. You deserve a man who will not smother you, and you deserve to lead your normal life as you would without him, with him. Your partner should not be mad or jealous if you want to hang with the girls after a long day's work every now and again, nor should you mind if he does the same once in a while. Trust and honesty play a huge role in this as well.

4. Attention

Although you both have friends, jobs, and lives of your own, you deserve a man who will always find the time to be with you. You should never have to beg him for his time. Your texts and phone calls should never go unanswered for long. Your man is supposed to be excited to hear from you, and even when you are going through a rough patch, he still should never ignore you.

5. Goals

Your goals and dreams should align with your man. You should not be the only one striving to hit goals in your career, and personal life. You deserve a man who wants to hustle and strive for things with you. You need a man who will encourage you as you encourage him to succeed. You deserve a man who sees and works for a future with you. One who discusses what he wants and is straight to the point, without games, about his life.

You deserve a man who will give you all of the above, and more. Never settle for less than your worth. You are an amazing woman with so much to offer to the right man. Make sure you settle with a man who is just as amazing.