5 Things All Men Do When They're In Love

5 Things All Men Do When They’re In Love

Did you know that a man in love will behave in a certain way towards you? He will be respectful of you and your personal space and appreciative of your personality. To top it off, he will give you his unconditional love. You only get to see this in a man who wants to spend a lifetime with you.

But if you suspect that a man who fancies you is in love with you or likes you, a lot of mixed signals can leave you confused. But today, you are in luck – here are five things a man does when he is in love. It does not matter what kind of man he is.


1. He keeps Looking at You, and His Pupils Dilate

To a man who has fallen for you, you will be his center of attention. Even in a crowd, he will keep his eyes entirely on you because he is charmed by everything about you. He will not want to miss a single thing you do, and his pupils will dilate as well, which you might notice if you are close enough. Even if he tries to conceal the fact that he is looking at you, he will try to find as many chances as possible to have one more quick look at you.


2. An Open Smile

A smile shows just how comfortable and happy someone is. So if a guy smiles openly when around you, it means your presence is his idea of heaven. Seeing you brightens his day. Men don't smile all the time. So, when they do it can mean a lot as it indicates that they are truly happy and glad. If you are feeling something towards him, you can smile at him as well and he will be really encouraged to pursue you further.


3. Playing with your Hair, and His

A guy who is into you will naturally have an urge to play around with your hair. He might also play around with his hair or beard, which subliminally shows that he wants you to see how good he is for you. Also, when a man plays with your hair, it means he finds you pretty and irresistible. Deep down, he wants to touch you all he can. So, don't think he is out to ruin your hairstyle.


4. He Whispers to You in Your Ear

Guys don't bend over and whisper to you because they cannot say things loudly enough. It has something to do with wanting to have an intimate connection with you. He hopes you were closer to him, and he wants you to feel close to him, and he wants others to see it as well. This is a great gesture that shows he wants to share with you closely guarded secrets. It's also playful and fun.


5. He Comes over to Speak to You

We are social beings, and we tend to talk to a lot of random people. It does not matter if they are men or women. But when in a room full of people, a man comes all the way just to chat you up and does not seem to get tired and tempted to walk away to talk to anyone else even when you keep talking about random things he wouldn't care about, then he thinks you are very special. A man who is into you will take an interest in everything you have to say, and even if you lower your voice, he will lean in and listen more intently.