5 Techniques To Stop People From Manipulating You

5 Techniques To Stop People From Manipulating You

Manipulation is nothing but a power struggle. Get yours back with these tips!

If you're an adult human, there's a 100 percent chance you met someone who tried or managed to manipulate you. Most manipulative individuals can smell weakness, use it against you, and further exploit their influence.

Once they succeeded, stopping them is not that easy. But you have a right to stand up for yourself and learn the power of no. Here are 5 techniques that will help you deal with manipulative people in your life.


Say "No" diplomatically but firmly

You own the right to say "no" and more than that: you have the power to say no.

If you feel uncertain, leave a manipulative person with a vague answer: "I'll think about it." It will give you enough time to take control and show just how powerful you are.

Avoid Self Blame

The manipulator plans to exploit your weaknesses, so, understandably, you may feel inadequate, or even blame yourself for not satisfying the manipulator.


You're not the problem, so remember that you have them to challenge the relationship and demand respect.

Nothing will scare a manipulator more than showing them who's in charge.

Keep Your Distance

One way to deal with a manipulative person is to keep your distance.

Observe them, notice how they act in various circumstances because this will help you understand that you're dealing with a toxic person.


You can't change them; it's not your job. Avoid getting into the manipulator's web; they'll eat you alive. Instead, watch and use their behavior to remove any self-doubts.

Know Your Rights

When you're being manipulated, it's easy to forget that you, as a living and breathing person, have certain rights.

Your rights are the boundaries, and once someone crosses them, you can confront them without any sense of guilt.


Your fundamental human rights include the right to be treated with respect, to express your feelings, opinions, and wants, to set your priorities. Additionally, to have ideas different than others, to protect yourself from being threatened physically, mentally, or emotionally, and to create your own happy and healthy life.


The manipulator is the one always changing and making up rules.


They are demanding, controlling, so asking them questions will make them vulnerable.

They might get aggressive with you, and this means they know they are losing control.

It's a dangerous game, but an excellent cure for a manipulative coworker.

A manipulator is a bully, so handle them as such. The more you stand up, the less likely they will ever target you again.