5 Surprising Reasons You're Attracting Toxic People

5 Surprising Reasons You’re Attracting Toxic People

You are a cheerful, glass-half-full kind of person. Yet, you're always attracting negativity and toxic people. There's no mystery: they feed on your personality. And here's how and why:

It's both fascinating and scary to think that positivity attracts negativity, and just like in math, it has the power to break your joyful spirit. Toxic people are all around us, and it's no coincidence you're attracting them. Let's find out why, so we can break the circle:


You're honest and open

In a perfect world, people would applaud you. Instead, you're bound to attract the attention of a toxic person.

Your honesty and openness, as well as desire to work for your dreams, is everything a toxic person lacks. They want you to be one of them because you're representing success. And when you live in negativity, your only success is pulling other people down.


You listen to others

Toxic people will talk to you for hours when they can get away with it. And since you're trying to be kind, you can't just walk away. Their stories about so many dramatic situations are filling you with poison, but you're too nice to tell them to stop.

Your empathy should not be abused. So, learn some exit strategies, and if you have to, lie. You're in a hurry. You're late, just get out. You don't have the time or energy for people who are living as constant victims.


You're too positive

Well, obviously, your spirit is joyous, but what really attracts toxic people is your outlook towards others. You see good intentions, and you think that everyone can be saved.

No matter what life throws at you, you can choose to be happy. But, not everyone wants to take responsibility for their lives. And that's why they are the ones we want to avoid. Be a bit more cautious because not everyone shares your drive, passions, and love for humanity.


You don't judge

Since you're not a judgmental person, it's easy to see why people will try to manipulate you. You're the first person to give the benefit of the doubt, and with your positivity on top of it, you're an easy target.

Not only you're wasting your time, but you're also giving pieces of yourself to people who are less than deserving. They don't care for you. They want to use you. And when they are done, your innocent view of the world will be shattered.


You're aiming to please

In a way, you live in a bubble. You want to please everyone so that the world can burst into song, and everything will be perfect. Not only that, this will drain you, but it will also draw many people with an agenda.

Learn to say no, and don't just let anyone into your life. There are boundaries, and you need to set them sooner rather than later.


It's not fair that you're the one who has to change. However, life's not fair, and you'll get over it. You'll learn to value your time and gain self-worth by choosing to distance yourself from toxic, negative people.

Remember that you can't help anyone, and you most certainly can't change people. So, focus on people who share your dreams, the ones who are uplifting, bright, more like yourself.