5 Signs Of A Mature, Loving Relationship

5 Signs of a Mature, Loving Relationship

When we are in love, we tend to look at the world with different eyes. It's the main reason why the long-lasting relationships fail: they weren't mature enough.

Love is a beautiful feeling, but often it's so confusing to know what's real and what's not. When you're in a relationship, you want it to last forever, but will it? Let's find out, with these simple yet effective signs of maturity in a romance.

Can you forgive easily?

5 signs of a mature, loving relationship

Being mature means being capable of healthy disagreement. You don't agree on everything, you may even unintentionally hurt each other's feelings, but can you forgive each other?

If your partner forgives you for an indiscretion, don't let yourself make the same mistake twice. Understanding and forgiving each other means you got this whole adulting thing. And that's one of the signs of a mature relationship.

Are you growing together?

5 signs of a mature, loving relationship

Being in a couple can be difficult for self-growth.

A sure sign of a mature relationship is that you're allowed to grow emotionally and spiritually, but you're not leaving your partner behind.

Instead, you're growing together, by learning, exploring, and supporting each other.

Can you let your guard down?

5 signs of a mature, loving relationship

Being emotionally exposed is scary. But once you get to that point with your SO, you'll learn what real intimacy feels like,

Letting your guard down is a sign of complete trust. Without trust, there's no long-lasting love.

Once you let your guard down, your partner should appreciate you even more, and you should feel safe.

How much do you love yourself?

5 signs of a mature, loving relationship

You can't love without being in love with yourself first.

Self-love is a process. It takes time, but only when you learn to love yourself can you allow your partner to see you for everything you are.

If you lack some self-love, let your partner help you. Talk, ask for some space to work on your feelings. It's important to know when to ask for space because sometimes that's the best thing to do for your relationship.

Do you communicate properly?

5 signs of a mature, loving relationship

Communication is everything in a long-lasting relationship. Life gives us all sorts of issues and talking through them with your partner is what makes you two a couple.

Communicating can help you with trust, decision-making and strengthen your relationship. Once you get to that point where you can say anything to your partner, that's the point where you go from dating to being in a genuine relationship.

Letting yourself be exposed, vulnerable, and giving your heart to someone is scary. It's also the most magnificent feeling in the world. The only way to know you've found the one is to be in a mature relationship.

It sounds tricky, but love doesn't play by any rules.