5 Simple, Yet Powerful Comebacks To Shut Down Rude People

5 Simple, Yet Powerful Comebacks To Shut Down Rude People

Finding the right comeback for rude people isn't easy. They aren't as bright as they think, but they are masters at hurting someone's feelings. Still, you can make them shut up, and I have some ideas on how.

Don't you just "love" when you get a backward compliment? Or is someone ironic for no reason? Rudeness is ugly and uncalled for in many situations. But, since people will never learn, you have to know how to deal with them.

Here are some ways to shut down further conversations or give them a "nice" comeback. Just to give those nasty people a taste of their own medicine.

I love you, too

Since we aren't talking about a disagreement with someone decent, but a person asking for it, then give them a bit of irony. Telling them you "love them too" means you are not taking them seriously, and you're turning the debate into a childish game.

It's not the ideal clap back, but it's an amusing one, and it makes the whole conversation lose its meaning. You don't care, and you said it most graciously.

You're right

Surprise! There's nothing as shocking as saying to someone rude that you agree with their POV. They can't go anywhere from there.

Cut the conversation short, and don't look back. There's no need to bring negativity into your life, so leave them alone, with their anger. That's the ultimate revenge.

Thank you

You can say it in an ironic way or in the sweetest voice possible. Take your pick. The whole point isn't to bring them down, but to show them that you're above their petty behavior.

This is especially effective in the work environment, where you can't say anything nasty as a comeback. Express your gratitude and let them know that you heard them, and you are still very unbothered.

Can't you say something less negative?

A rude person will attack you, but if you ask them this question, you're bringing disagreement back to their behavior.

You're calling them out, but you're not bitchy. In fact, you are almost feeling sorry for them, and that's what makes this simple question so powerful. Besides, you are telling the truth, which is fantastic when you're standing up to someone mean.

Do you except me to answer?

Again, you can stop the "conversation" with a simple question. You're putting them in their place, by trying to point out how unreasonable they sound.

Depending on your tone, you can give a rude person a feeling that you aren't even listening to them, or that you're merely listening, but not hearing them. You don't care about their opinion, and you're not afraid to stand up for yourself.

Remember that one of the best comebacks is always to end a conversation. Verbally announce it and walk away. You can try to outsmart a rude person, but you'll always leave with a sense of "why didn't I think to say …"

Since no one needs additional negativity, you know that it's best to keep it quick, sharp, and say one big, fat nothing. You're not the one who wants to hurt someone, even if they are rude, but merely a person who wants to go on with their day.