5 Signs Your Woman Is Deeply In Love With You

5 Signs Your Woman Is Deeply In Love With You

"Does she love me? How do I tell?" Women aren't the only ones who are scared about having feelings for someone that won't be returned. Men worry about unrequited love just as much. And they aren't just going to come out and ask. I mean, we all know how awkward that conversation can be if the answer is no. So how do you figure it out? There are five signs that a woman loves you. Keep reading.

Is it real?

Once upon a time, the words "I love you" were more precious than gold. It used to mean "I want to spend the rest of my life with you". However, in today's instant gratification world, people drop the words with little consideration of whether they really mean them. Many people mistake the excitement of a new relationship for love. If you're unsure of how your lady feels, study her. She'll show signs that she loves you.

How do you know?

Women are less likely to say "I love you" to a new partner than men. There could be a few reasons for this. Perhaps it's because women take the "L" word more seriously. Or maybe it's because we don't have the same motives as men, who often use the phrase to get lucky. If your lady love hasn't said those three words and you're wondering if she's even thought about it, look for these five behaviors.

She acts shy

I used to think it was weird for a woman to suddenly become shy around a man she's been in a relationship with. I was with my ex for 10 years and never felt that nervousness. However, in my new relationship, I often find myself blushing or hiding my face whenever my boyfriend does something that I'm not used to. It's an involuntary response that I have no control over, and it surprises everyone that knows me because I am a big mouth that is never unsure or shy about anything, except, apparently, falling in love with a great guy.

I got you a present honey

As women, we are nurturers. We feel this overwhelming desire to take care of those we love. Our significant others are no different. When a woman is in love, she often considers things she can do to please her partner or to make them feel special. One way to do this is by giving gifts. It doesn't have to be expensive. Every time I go to the store, I grab my boyfriend a drink or his favorite snack. It's just a small token of appreciation, and it shows him that he's on my mind, even when we're not together.

Back to basics: immaturity on the rise

Being in love should mean security, acceptance, and the ability to show the real you. And that includes the goofy, childish self you often hold back from the world. If you have a girlfriend who does silly stuff like pillow fights or Eskimo kisses (rubbing your nose with hers), then you can be certain that girl is definitely in love. My favorite thing to do is blow raspberries when my boyfriend least expects it. Especially on his bald head. LMAO.

Tell me everything about you

You may feel like you're doing a job interview if your girlfriend is constantly asking you questions about yourself, about your past. What it really means is that she's in love with you. It's natural to want to know your significant other as well as you know yourself. That includes random stories about their lives. If you ask me about my boyfriend, I can tell you his favorite color is neon green, like myself, or I could entertain you with a story about him catching the kitchen on fire when he was a kid.

OMG! I like that too

We all know that one female whose interests change with every new guy she dates. What you may not realize is that she's not as pathetic as you may think. When a woman falls in love, she finds herself trying new things so that she'll be able to bond with her boyfriend. Even if she's bored to tears watching March Madness, she'll still cheer when your team scores because you will. Instead of getting annoyed by her questions, appreciate the gift she's giving you. Didn't she tell you on your first date how much she hates basketball?

Does she love you?

The next time you find yourself wondering how that special lady in your life really feels, watch for these signs that she loves you. If she's got them, acknowledge how special that makes you. Appreciate the fact that you're getting a rare gift: her true self. The parts she keeps locked from the rest of the world. If you show her how much you enjoy it, you can be sure she'll stay by your side for years to come.