5 Signs Your Partner Is Using Facebook To Cheat On You

5 Signs Your Partner Is Using Facebook To Cheat On You

Relationships are not always easy, especially in this age when social media has turned everything we knew about communication on its head. There are many temptations to flirt around with strangers, and many unfaithful partners in relationships have social media to blame for their indiscretions.

Studies are even telling us that people who are very active on social media sites like Facebook are more likely to have conflicts in relationships. Beyond that, too much social media activity has been linked to higher rates of infidelity among couples.

Granted, some flirting happens even with people in stable relationships, but it is usually quite innocent. Things have been known to get out of hand. So, the flirting your partner does on social media could turn into an affair.

1. Because of his phone, he sleeps very late

The guy is always on the phone, and he tries to stay on it as long as possible to make sure that you never have an idea about what he is up to. That is why he will often sleep later so that you have no idea what he is doing online because he knows it would upset you. He might also avoid using his phone in your presence and wait until you fall asleep to start using it.

2. He keeps his phone and other communication devices close

Because he knows that he is conducting his affairs over the phone, he will try all he can to make sure that you never get your hands on it. The last thing he wants is that you find out what he is up to. His phone has literally become part of him – he never lets it leave his presence or get into your hands.

3. His texting gets more intense, and he keeps it away from you

Whenever he gets on his phone to chat on Facebook, he completely loses the sense of everything else that is going on around him. Even when you are together out on a date, he cannot afford to get off his phone and give you his undivided attention. Additionally, this texting seems to be quite important, but when asked about it, he gives you nothing. He is also very private about his phone and doesn't want you anywhere near it.

4. When you mention that he spends so much time on his phone, he gets upset

In comparison to you, he spends a lot of time on the phone. When you mention that, it upsets him instead of making him realize that he is wrong. He gets defensive and might blame you instead. This is to take away the negative attention he is getting from you for his unusual phone usage behaviors.

5. He gets messages even late into the night

There are very few people who would be texting your guy at late hours of the night or very early in the morning. Sometimes, there could be a genuine emergency, but at other times; your guy is up to something fishy. If it's an issue if you try to broach the subject, then that is a sign that something is going on behind your back.