5 Signs You Have A Strong Personality That People Find Scary

5 Signs You Have A Strong Personality That People Find Scary

Your strong personality confuses people. Are you rude or arrogant? Maybe you're too firm, and that scares them? You're intriguing for merely being strong, and these are the five most common traits that are freaking people out!

Being strong is a blessing, but at times it doesn't quite feel like it. Not only do you have to be everyone's rock, but people are afraid of you! It's like you can't catch a break, primarily when you deal with personal issues. But, let's get back to that perception of your strong personality.

Here are five signs that you have a strong personality that might scare some people. I'm not saying you should abuse any of them, but they might give you an advantage at work, FYI.

You can't stand insensitivity, foolishness or ignorance

You cannot stand stupidity or ignorance, and you also have no problem being vocal about it. You're educated and open-minded enough to know better, unlike controlling, dominating personalities. That's what makes you a proper threat to anyone displaying any kind of insensitivity.

You can use your education to inspire people and encourage them to stand up for their rights. You're also the one who won't put up with any BS, which is both hot and scary.

You are rather fearless

Of course, you're afraid. Everyone's scared of something, but with tough people, it's hard for others to believe they are fearless.

The difference between you and your weaker personalities is that you can face your fears. That's how you grow stronger, and you have to admit: it's scary knowing that there's someone who can conquer their fears.

So how do you do it? Again, you are great at learning, and you are, overall, a believer in a positive outcome. That's a killer combination, which is why no one wants to mess with you!

You're picky about who you let into your life

Your group of friends is small since you're cautious enough not to let just anyone into your life. It does make you look picky, but the fact is that you're a loyal friend, yet you don't rely on anyone but yourself.

Strong personalities are incredible partners and friends, so if they choose you to be part of the pack, that means they saw something powerful in you. They don't care for whiners and complainers.

No time for excuses

Strong people don't care for excuses. That's the main reason they aren't overly social: they aren't willing to listen to others who complain and make up stories to justify their actions.

As a tough person, you focus on what you can do and overcome obstacles to do more. You believe in problem solvers, not people who waste time and energy just to end up without any solution.

You dislike small talk

Small talk is appalling. If you have a strong personality, you are full of ideas. You do not want to lose time talking about people when you could be saving the world.

You do enjoy listening, but only if people aren't spending time on useless chit-chat. The weather is beautiful, and yes, your work is going great, but how about something meaningful, like climate change.

Having a strong personality is fantastic, though you're a victim of many prejudices. Still, you don't care because you know that people are afraid since they don't know you or understand your MO. They simply can't believe that someone as awesome as you are, is a genuine and kind person!