5 Signs You Are Remarkably Strong Yet Deeply Sensitive

5 Signs You Are Remarkably Strong Yet Deeply Sensitive

We tend to think that strong people are cold, immune to everyday troubles. Similarly, many imagine sensitivity is reserved for weak, over-emotional people. But what if you're both? An unusual combination, let's see where you fit!

Your emotions are running wild, yet you are handling this thing called life, like a pro. It's not common; however, this is a beautiful blend of treats, which make you even more unique. Here's how to know if you're truly sensitive yet tough:

Self-respect, As Well As Respect For Others

You value your time, energy, and you are aware of your achievements. But, your sensual side also allows you to show the same respect and understanding for others.

If you are a notably strong person with high sensitivity, you are idealistic. Because you honor others, you know you deserve the same from everyone else. That's why it's easy for others to disappoint you. However, you won't let one lousy example destroy your faith in humanity or make you think any less of yourself.

Not An Attention Seeker

Your strength doesn't allow you to be thirsty for attention. You are above all that pettiness since you are a person of action.

On the other hand, your sensitive nature makes you look needy from time to time, and that's okay. You can be firm as a rock and still be a crier. The great news is that you would never use your emotions to gain anything other than a bit of friendly advice.

Since you're an emphatic soul, you will use your voice to help others, and your strength will only make it easier for you to get people's attention.

You Listen

It's the best of both worlds: your vulnerable side allows you not just to hear, but to truly understand others. And your strength is giving you enough energy to be proactive, give thoughtful advice, so no wonder everyone appreciates your opinion.

Your deep sensitivity enables you to be empathetic about the situation, while your strength offers a firm shoulder to cry on. It's a gift and a reason why people have so much faith in you.

Decision Making Can Be Tricky

We make decisions every hour of every day. Some good, some bad, but if you're powerful yet highly sensitive, decision-making can be exhausting.

A tough person sees a mistake or failure as a way to improve themselves. And the emotional people tend to take a consequence to heart.

Every wrong decision, no matter how small or irrelevant, can turn into a burden for your dual nature. However, there's no way to predict the future, and the more time you spend overthinking, you're just harming yourself.

No one is perfect, so learn to let go. You have such a pleasant personality, so don't waste it on trivial matters.

Meaningful Relationships

Strong people hate small talks or casual friendships/dating. Emotional, sensual people need someone who will understand and lift them. Either way, there's no room for anything other than meaningful relationships.

You don't need an army of friends, and you're good on your own. You need to be comfortable with expressing your feelings, as well as your emotions, so you pick your friends wisely.

Being an extremely strong person yet highly sensitive is an extraordinary blend of already fantastic qualities. You should nurture it and be proud that you have the capacity to make an impact and be yourself no matter what. You're fabulous, but you already suspected that!