5 Signs To Spot A Fake Friend

5 Signs To Spot A Fake Friend

If you're the type of person with some trust issues or always on edge when it comes to relationships, here are some ways to help you spot a fake friend. We've all had our dealings with people talking shit behind our backs, but nice to our faces. The world is full of an array of people; some are genuine, some are not.

It can be hard to take finding out a friend or even a family member are not as genuine as you had thought. Thankfully, there are some signs that fake people will surely display at some point in their lives that help you gauge whether they are fake or not.

1. Envious

You can notice nearly immediately in a new friendship their energy and compassion for others. If they give off a hint of envy or jealousy vibes, that's usually my queue to back away. The odds of this person taking that jealousy and using it to fuel fake drama are pretty high. Run while you can.

2. Negativity

It's not too much of an ask that your friend should be happy for you when things are going well for you. Any friend should want to "big" you up and be encouraging and supportive. If they can't be happy for you, then it's safe to say they are not a true friend and time to say bye.

3. Gossip

If all they seem ever to do is talk crap about other people and their life choices, you can guarantee they talk about you in the same fashion to others. Everyone needs to offload and have a bitch, but when it's all they ever seem to do, then they can't be trusted.

4. Condescending

Fake people carry a lot of insecurities. To help quash some of these, they need to have lots of friends. It gives them a sense of acceptance and popularity. They need to feel like a superior special being and to help them feel this way, they will try and put you down.

5. Passive-aggressive

They'll never outright be rude to you. Do they need to cover their butt somehow, right? They will give you double-sided compliments that seem nice at first. But they are actually dirty and mean once you dig a little bit deeper. Don't trust them for one second.

The usual signs of a fake friend can be hard to see at times, especially when you're in deep with the friendship. It's similar to a toxic relationship. We have tunnel vision. Ignorance is bliss. But hopefully, these tips might help you to spot some of the fake friends out there.