5 Signs That Prove You Are Soulmates, And 5 Signs That Show It's Over

5 Signs That Prove You Are Soulmates, And 5 Signs That Show It’s Over

Love is funny, and I will tell you why. One moment you could be thinking you never had a future with someone, and the next minute you could be ready to swear your life on the fact that you were meant to spend all your lives together.

The point is: the line between a keeper and a joker is very thin. So much so that you might not always be so sure whether your partner is your soulmate or not.

Finding your one and only is not easy, and you might start off believing in love and its immense power to make lives worthwhile, only to end up thinking romantic relationships are a scam.

We all go through that from time to time. But in the end, the truth stands the test of time by proving to us that some people were truly meant for us.

But if you can't tell if you have a soulmate or just another relationship that's heading nowhere, I am here to help.

A Soulmate

1. Supports You At All Times

A soulmate will support and ask questions later or never at all. Even if they think you are wrong or are doing something they would disapprove of, they will support the hell out of you.

In other words, this person is your biggest fan, and they will stick it out even when the whole world turns against you because everything else has gone to hell.

2. He Values Your Opinion

When you talk, this guy will stop everything and listen because he cares about what you have to say. And he doesn't do it to be polite, but because he is genuinely interested in what you are saying.

A soulmate thinks the best of their partner. He thinks he found the most intelligent, confident, and awesome person ever and will always treasure what you say and take it seriously.

3. Shares Regular Routines With You

There is nothing more beautiful than spending your time with the person you love the most. Happy couples always have plans to spend time together, and they always look forward to them.

The most precious thing you can give a person is your time. Anyone who drops everything so you don't miss these special moments, is truly unique and special.

4. You Travel Together

When you hear that you are going to be spending hours together traveling, it excites you. You love traveling together and exploring the world.

When you are traveling, you always have fun, and you always choose to travel with each other over traveling with friends.

5. He Loves Your Family

He clearly cares about your family, and you know you love his family as well. When he is around them, there are no awkward silences or uncomfortable conversations.

He also seems comfortable and thrilled to have you around his family, and you can confess to having a similar feeling when he is around your family. He clearly loves them as much as he loves you or his own family.

You're Done If

1. You Feel Uncomfortable Around Him

If you feel bothered and unsettled around him, that's your gut telling you to get the hell away from him. He is not right for you.

You should feel comfortable around the person you love and like there is no better place for you in the world. You feel at home in his arms, not overwhelmed by fears and concerns.

2. You Are Very Low On His Priority List

If he has more important things to do besides being there for you, then that relationship has run its course. A person who prefers spending time with friends to being with you does not deserve a place in your life.

The biggest mistake you can make is deciding to spend the rest of your life with this person. First of all, they don't understand what they want in this life, and they don't have your best interests at heart.

3. He Likes Traveling Alone

When he wants to visit someplace exciting, he tries to find a way to do it without you. Occasionally, it's understandable if he wants to travel without you, but if it's the norm, then there's a big problem.

4. His Friends Come First

Nobody is saying that spending time with friends is wrong. But every free weekend should not be spent with friends.

Someone who is in a relationship and still acts like they are single deserves to be single. So, if he has all the time for his friends and none for you, you better leave before it's too late.

5. He Thinks Your Family Is Out To Get Him

He is afraid of your family and tries everything to avoid them because he thinks they are up to no good. Do you really want a life where you have to keep defending your family and loved ones to the person you love?

Besides, the way your family treats your partner says more about him than it does about them. If the two of you truly love and cherish each other, your family would never love you and hate him.

Do you think you and your partner are soulmates or just two strangers keeping each other company until your soulmates come along?