5 Signs That A Woman Has Been Emotionally Neglected

5 Signs That A Woman Has Been Emotionally Neglected

Emotional neglect is something that can affect many people, as many find themselves stuck in relationships where they are emotionally neglected. This not only hurts the relationship as a whole but can also affect that person for many years to come.

Women who have been emotionally neglected often show signs of this without even realizing it. Others may pick up on these signs and wonder why that person is the way she is, and it is sometimes down to the fact that she has been emotionally neglected in the past.


What Are the Signs?

Various signs could indicate that a woman has been emotionally neglected in the past. Some of the ones you may pick up on are:

Difficulty Opening Up to Others

When a woman has been emotionally neglected, she will have become accustomed to not sharing her thoughts, feelings, and experiences with someone else. This means that she is more likely to experience difficulties when it comes to opening up to other people because it is simply something she is not used to doing.


Struggling with Trust Issues

As an emotionally neglected person, it can be difficult to find someone you can put your trust in and who you can consider a confidant. Women who have been neglected in this way are often unable to trust someone because they are not used to having someone there that they can turn to for support and share their problems.

Always Putting Others First


An emotionally neglected woman will often have become used to putting others first, which means that she is rarely able to put herself first. While this may seem like an admirable thing to do, you have to remember the importance of looking after yourself first so that you are in a position to be able to look after others.

Difficulty Accepting Compliments

A woman who has been neglected emotionally will not have received many compliments in the past, and this is something that she will gradually have become used to overtime. So, another common trait of a woman who has been through this type of experience is that she may find it very difficult to accept compliments from others.


Lack of Confidence

There are lots of women who lack confidence because of the way they have been emotionally neglected in the past, and this is something that really comes across even when they are in a new relationship. You may find that they tend to lack confidence in everything they do, because they may have been ignored or even put down for their achievements in the past.


It Will Take Time

One thing you do have to bear in mind is that it can take time for an emotionally neglected woman to get her life and herself back on track. This is not something that happens overnight and there is no instant fix – it is just a case of being patient and giving them the time that they need.