5 Signs He Doesn't Really Love You Anymore

5 Signs He Doesn’t Really Love You Anymore

Do you ever find yourself asking if your man really loves you? Things were great in the beginning, but over time, have you feel that he has lost interest in you?

If you find yourself questioning if he loves you, but if you feel that your wonders could be wrong, the following five signs will definitely let you know if he loves you or not.

1. He seems to view you differently

When you first met and got to know each other he looked at you like you were the most beautiful girl in the world, and there was no one better than you, but now he hardly looks at you at all. That one look that always made you feel so special, you never get to see anymore. It seems like he isn't into you physically as much as he once was.

2. The romance fades

When you both first fell in love you would always make sure the other knew that you loved them. He used to tell you every day that he loved you, but now you're lucky if you hear it once a week. The romantic spark seems to have faded, and he's uninterested in making you feel loved.

3. He doesn't care anymore

He used to make an effort to spend time with you on weekends and days off, but now he always has some excuse. When you had arguments, he would do little things to lighten the mood and make it better. It seems like he doesn't care to do any of that anymore. When you have any type of argument now, he doesn't seem to care to mend things; he walks away.

4. The communication seems to have gone

He used to communicate well, in the beginning. You probably talked every single day about everything, but nowadays it seems like you talk very little, if at all. It seems like the only time you talk nowadays is if you are arguing. Maybe he is trying to push you away so that you will leave him.

5. The intimacy is gone

You used to be lovey-dovey, all over each other, holding hands and kissing all the time. In the bedroom, you two were on fire, but it seems like he's not even interested at all. He doesn't like to cuddle or kiss anymore; he just seems turned off. Lovemaking happens less often than ever, and he seems like he just wants it quick with no love put into it. He hasn't been interested in showing you any type of affection.

These are all signs that your man has lost interest and may not love you anymore. Long-term relationships can get boring for one partner or the other after time, and some of these signs can show this, but for a long-term relationship, this does not mean doom. Try to spice things up a little with your man and see how he responds. Your relationship may be worth salvaging. For those of you who are in relationships with these signs and you've only been together for a year or a few years, it might be time to listen to your initial gut instinct about whether or not he loves you.