5 Red Flags Of An Emotionally Unavailable Partner

5 Red Flags Of An Emotionally Unavailable Partner

When you choose someone to be your partner, you give them all you can on the emotional level, and you expect them to do the same for you.

If you've ever been in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable partner, you probably know the pain of not being able to get closer to the one you love.

Some of them use criticism, anger, or excuses to create distance, and you just end up feeling lonely and unimportant.


Many people complain about having an emotionally unavailable partner.

That's usually because they don't know these 5 red flags of an emotionally unavailable partner.

They Don't Know How To Express Their Feelings

A question as simple as "How are you feeling right now?" is a bit of an intimidating question to them.


They can't just say "I'm sad," "I'm frustrated," "I'm disappointed," or even something more general like "I feel like everything in my life is piling up."

When someone is emotionally unavailable, it's not easy for them to describe their emotions, even if you directly ask them.

They're Not Good at Showing Affection Or Receiving It

For many reasons, showing affection can be difficult for some people.


But having a tough time even showing you any affection can be a major sign that your partner isn't emotionally available.

Emotionally unavailable partners also have trouble receiving your affection.

They don't only forget your birthday or never wish you a good morning.

But you could be showing them how much you love them—By sending them a sweet text, buying them a gift, or even just washing the dishes for them when they're tired—and they wouldn't even recognize that you're showing them any love.


This is a telling sign that your partner might not be this ready for a relationship.

They Tell You That You Shouldn't Feel A Certain Way

No one should ever tell you how to feel.

Telling someone how they should or shouldn't feel makes them feel like their emotions aren't being valued or understood.


Instead, your lover should make you feel their warmth and support.

Your partner might just say this sometimes to try and make you feel better. But it often backfires and does more harm than good.

They Forget About You

If they often ghost you or disappear for no reason, they're not prepared to be in a relationship yet.

An emotionally available partner should always let you know how they feel and why they might need some space.


Instead of letting you know what the problem is, an emotionally unavailable partner will just poof out of existence with no regard for your feelings.

You deserve to know what it is that troubles your partner; they shouldn't just vanish suddenly.

They Avoid Conflicts

Conflicts are an important part of any healthy relationship.


As long as both partners respect each other, it's necessary to work through disagreements to make your relationship better.

When someone is emotionally unavailable, however, they avoid any friction.

They shy away from actually dealing with issues, and instead try to make light of everything. They'll usually say nothing is wrong, or even act as if nothing had happened.

They create this kind of emotional wall that stops any relationship from growing and being successful.


If your partner exhibits any of these 5 red flags of an emotionally unavailable partner, reach out to them about it with a nice, friendly attitude.

They probably won't like to be told off about it. Instead, talk to them about what's going on and propose solutions.

You can also consider couple's counseling, which can help you communicate more effectively and solve your problems better.