5 Reasons You Should Test Your Internet Speed

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Do you belong to the large percentage of Internet subscribers who only test their Internet speed when it's slow? According to tech experts, Internet speed should be tested regularly. Want to know why? Below are 5 reasons you should test your internet speed. Let's take a look.

To Know your Internet Speed

The primary aim of testing your internet is so that you can know its speed. When applying for a work-from-home job, your Internet speed is a question your employer will surely ask. This includes your download, upload, and transfer speed. Besides this, knowing your Internet speed in figures is important because it will help you know why your download or upload is taking so much time. Interestingly, if you think your Internet speed is too slow after taking the test, you can find a suitable alter suddenly, such as changing your Internet service provider.

To Worry Less

Knowing you have a reliable internet connection will build your confidence and make you worry less. In addition, you will get what you paid for and won't have to contact your Internet service provider to lay complaints. As a student, businessman, or someone working online jobs, you won't have to worry about your Internet connection as you carry out your daily activities.

It makes Streaming Videos Easier

You like it when you stream videos fast and easy, right? Then your internet speed needs to be fast. This is to prevent your video from stopping suddenly, which can be frustrating, especially if you are getting to the most interesting part. Below are the internet speed requirements for streaming videos.

1 Mbps to stream music videos on your mobile phone or PC

2 Mbps to stream on your TV

5 Mbps to stream HD videos

10 Mbps to stream HD videos with HD audio

To Detect and Solve Internet Speed Related Problems

Testing your Internet speed regularly will help you to detect problems relating to your Internet connection. You get to compare the results of your previous internet speed test to know if you are getting value for your money. Armed with the results from your Internet speed tests, you can contact your service provider to make inquiries or complaints.

Value for Money

The best way to know the performance of your internet and if you are getting value for your money is to test your internet speed. Change your internet service provider if the internet speed is slow. Check out these factors before opting for an internet service provider.

Customer feedback and reviews



Customer service

Office location


There are many benefits of testing your Internet speed regularly. Regular testing of your internet speed would inform you when to opt for a better internet service provider. Haven't tested your Internet speed? You can do that now by getting an IT expert to help out. Besides, a good internet speed would help you find your ip quickly if you are using a premium VPN.