5 Reasons You Might Be Attracting Haters

5 Reasons You Might Be Attracting Haters

Are you confused as to why you have so many haters? Do you think you're truly a harmless person and often ask yourself what you did wrong to make them act that way?

You're right. You really are harmless and you really did do nothing. But then what really makes your haters so quick to hate on you? And you in the first place?

It doesn't matter what you do, even if you literally do nothing to hurt them, someone will always come into your life only to try and put you down, even though, it might not be your fault at all!


Here are 5 reasons why you might be attracting haters.

You Have Something They Don't

Whether it's a brand new phone, a fancy, new house, stylish clothing, or just the quality of your life in general, they want to have what you have.

When haters can't find out why they lack the things they lack, or how they can get them, they get angry and frustrated. And the only way to cope with these emotions is by hating.


Instead of focusing on themselves and how they can do better in life, they'll try to pull you down.

They Have Nothing Better To Do

Your haters clearly have no life. In fact, you should actually feel bad for them.

To them, spending time stalking others on social media, posting hateful comments, and trying to make people feel bad about themselves is probably all they can do with their time.


They don't have much else in life to spend their time and energy on. "But why do they do it?" you may ask.

Simply put, they want to experience the momentary feeling of purpose and achievement in life.

Your haters probably don't even hate you that much, they just like hating on everyone they feel is doing better than them. It'd be better for you and for them if you only wish them the best.


Your Life Has A Meaning

Everyone wants a good life. But few are really willing to work hard for it.

When you're a hard worker in life and you work to achieve meaningful things in your life rather than sitting and hating others, haters will flock towards you.

Instead of trying to rise to your level of success, they'll try to drag you down to theirs.


They Feed Off Attention

Silence is the kryptonite of haters. Since they want their voice to be heard by everyone, they feel important when other people recognize them.

Talking back or arguing with them will only make them feel rewarded and encouraged. Never try to reason with a hater; they won't bother listening or taking advice from you.


Haters only seek your response and attention to feel like you care about what they think and say.

You Attract People's Attention

If you stand out, that'll probably bother some people.

When you look good, maintain healthy relationships, or have a well-put-together life, people's attention will tend to gravitate towards you.


There is no magic wand that will help you get rid of your haters, or even to win them over to your side.

It's normal, some people just won't like you regardless of what you do, just like some others will always love you and won't judge you no matter what you do.

Make sure to stick with the positive people who will support you through your journey no matter what, and always stay confident.
So, whenever you face a lot of hate, remember these 5 reasons why you might be attracting haters.