5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Dream Tattoo: Seize The Day!

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Dream Tattoo: Seize The Day!

I can't be the only person getting bored of looking at the same reflection every morning, can I? There are only so many times a girl can cut her fringe!

Now is the time to plan for ways to reclaim our bodies! Have you thought about quitting your job or having a fresh start, following your dreams?

Get ready for a stranger on the internet to peer pressure you into getting those tattoo designs you've been pinteresting!

1. Permanent isn't a scary word – neither is a tattoo parlor

5 reasons why you should get your dream tattoo: seize the day!

A list of things probably maybe more permanent than a tattoo:


not recycling your water bottles

falling over in front of your sister who will, statistically speaking, never let it go

Ah yes, 'permanent' is the inevitable buzzword that gets thrown around with 'tattoo'. It is paired generally with the disapproving reminder: 'you'll be stuck with it, you know'.

But also, isn't permanence something that we are instructed to crave?

All social endeavors are pursued with the anticipation of achieving long-term goals – promotions at work, relationship stages, fitness regimes…

I love my tattoos but I forget they're there half the time. For all this talk of the hypothetical 'forever', we only ever live in the present.

Getting a tattoo isn't as dramatic as it seems.

2. What if I hate it later

If permanent isn't so terrifying, then regret is probably the word you're really afraid of. 'What if you regret the location of the tattoos?', you might say.

In twenty years I may hate it. But, in twenty years I'm just as liable to hating any arbitrary part of my body, thanks society.

What if my tattooed skin looks wrinkly? Dude, I promise you that you will wrinkle with or without a tattoo.

The body changes. Stretch marks from weight gain simply show our capacity to change and evolve; scars are things we've healed from.

We spend lifetimes removing aspects of ourselves. Always told to occupy less space, fit in, lose weight.

Heaven forbid, I add something to my body that I want. A quick disclaimer, however: I wouldn't recommend dodgy DIY or tribal tattoos if you don't understand what they mean – make sure you value it!

3. If the body is a temple then use it

5 reasons why you should get your dream tattoo: seize the day!

Don't preserve your body and forget to use it. Get that wrist tattoo; or a dragon tattoo on the shoulder blade…

Tattoos are often a record of a single moment in time. But so are laughter lines and wrinkles and frown lines.

Your body will reveal itself one way or another.

4. What if it goes wrong

What if it hurts? What if my partner hates it?

'What ifs' are like stop signs. They're great to get you to take a moment to look left and right, but if you don't move off eventually, they will hold you up.

You might as well say 'screw it' and get that tattoo you've been meaning to get.

Sometimes, it's not even about the tattoo itself, but the process of committing to something.

No person who gets a tattoo would say that the tattoo pain wasn't worth it.

Also, as long as you use a proper tattoo studio and use care tips to prevent a skin infection, there's no reason not to get that flower tattoo or heart tattoo that you've been meaning to.

Don't let permanence insist upon perfection – be spontaneous, take a risk. Life's goal is not necessarily to keep your body 'whole' or 'pure' but to keep it yours.

5. It is art

5 reasons why you should get your dream tattoo: seize the day!

Society can't seem to decide where it stands on with bodily decoration. It encourages make-up as a signal of professionalism in the same breath as dismissing it as childish frippery.

I know that a tattoo isn't just a sticker, it's body art. The tattoo artist demands our respect.

But if pain were a reason to not do something, we'd never do anything.

So, sorry, not sorry, Mom xoxo