5 Reasons Why Sex On A First Date May Not Be A Good Idea

5 Reasons Why Sex On A First Date May Not Be A Good Idea

Are you thinking about what to wear on that first date? The thought of looking presentable might flood your mind hours before the date. You also want to make a good first impression.

Prior discussions with your friends have taught you to just go with the flow.' What if your sexual desire comes to the fore? Should you still 'go with the flow?

You may have heard your peers brag about the excitement they felt while transitioning from online dating to real dating. You deserve that fun too.

Stories about their so-called great first date sex might be running through your mind. They told you all about that quick sex position that can be done in a restaurant's restroom, and maybe a part of you want the same.

But wait a minute! While some measure of sexual attraction is necessary to build on, research shows that first date sex is actually a terrible idea.

Here are 5 reasons you should not fall into the trap of first date sex, even if you are pressured.

First Date Sex Reduces Your 'Market Value'

5 reasons why sex on a first date may not be a good idea

No one likes to be referred to as 'cheap'. But that's exactly what's going with the flow' in terms of sexual intercourse on a first date does.

According to medical advice, such actions endanger one's sense of self-worth and dignity. When the deal is done, feelings of guilt and regret usually replace the excitement that was once felt.

Chances are the value you once had to them will reduce. And if things don't work out eventually between you two, you never can tell what will be said about you behind your back.

The general idea is to wait and let them desire you instead of throwing yourself at them during the first date. Besides, making a guy wait has a number of benefits.

First Date Sex Clouds Your Judgements

5 reasons why sex on a first date may not be a good idea

There is a purpose why you are meeting that special person. You want to know who they are and determine if you two will like to pursue a relationship. You also like to know them. Some of the things you'd like to know are their good and bad sides.

No matter how much the conversation turns you on, make sure you don't derail from your purpose of having that date. As soon as you decide to give sexual intercourse a go, even if you see things that should make you back out from the relationship, it will be hard to do.

Falling in love should be with your head; it should be based on what you know about the other person. The first date sex blinds you and limits you to only how you feel at the moment.

A Relationship Based On Sex Will Falter Sooner Or Later

5 reasons why sex on a first date may not be a good idea

When sex is the motivating factor in a relationship, that relationship may just be heading for the rocks. When you start a relationship on this foundation, what will be the future of the relationship when sex is no longer forthcoming?

One thing about sexual attraction is that it sometimes feels good. At other times, the attraction may just not be as vibrant as it used to be. The first date sex sets the sexual tone of a relationship. It is likely to make you both include sex in the activities associated with each meeting.

One day, sex may not be as thrilling as it used to be. When that happens, either of you may be tired of the relationship. Eventually, the relationship may crumble because sex is out of the equation.

It May Turn Out Awkward

5 reasons why sex on a first date may not be a good idea

The best sexual encounter you will ever have is the one you enjoy after exploring what works best for you. It might be after months of having sex that you finally decide on the best sex position for you.

No matter what you may have heard about first-time sex, know that it may not be the way you were told. You might have to learn the other person's bedroom language and the things that turn you both on.

So the first time may not be exciting; the truth is that it may actually feel awkward.

It Leaves Very Little To Fight For

5 reasons why sex on a first date may not be a good idea

Every love story becomes more interesting for the woman, especially when the guy chases them around. Women thrive on the feeling of been wanted, the attention, and they care. Experts say that most guys stop chase after women they have slept with.

When you sleep with a guy on a first date, be prepared because the chasing around will likely reduce. To most guys, the 'cookie' is like the ultimate price. Once they get it, they have won their trophy.

Keep in mind, though, that every situation is different as there may be exceptions to what we've discussed so far. Things may really look good from the start, and you might want to get a little physical. It is always beneficial to wait before you have sex. First-date sex is really not worth your time.