5 Reasons Why People Who Cry Often Are Mentally Stronger

5 Reasons Why People Who Cry Often Are Mentally Stronger

Though often confused with weakness, crying is a healthy way to connect with your emotions, which is something only strong people are capable of.

Not holding back the tears during movies or real-life situations is a natural response. Even the scientists agreed that crying is good for your overall health. It's a response to grief and disappointment, and if you hold back the tears, then you keep in emotional stress that can be disastrous for your mind and body.

We need never be ashamed of our tears.
― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

While we can't force the tears, we can stop telling people that crying is for wimps. Here are some of the benefits of tears, which will prove that crying leads to mental strength.

Tears Clear The Mind

Crying to clear the mind is like a superpower.

You get it all out in the open, and once you're done, though you most likely feel tired, you're also relieved. Your mind is clearer than before, and in a way, tears are purifiers to the brain.

Additionally, after crying, you feel better, lighter, as if you were carrying a bag of bricks, but now you're finally free.

Crying Makes You Resilient

Holding back the tears won't make you stronger. It can make you angrier, more frustrated, and more anxious.

Crying lets you acknowledge your emotions. Instead of repressing them, we are accepting and welcoming our feelings, and that's what makes us more resilient.

When you wipe away the tears, you know that your emotions are valid, and that's an expression of self-love.

You're An Empath

Not only that people aren't afraid to be vulnerable in front of you, but it's also amazing that you can understand what others are going through.

As an empath, you're easily attached to other people's sorrows, but it also means you're easy to talk to since you know what you're talking about.

Those who do not weep, do not see.
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Furthermore, your ability to listen and understand human emotions are signs that your emotional intelligence is high. And others should be so lucky to learn a thing or two from you.

You're Less Judgmental

As someone who's in touch with their emotions, you know that humans are flawed. Crying in front of others was a nightmare when you were a child, but it taught you a valuable lesson: not to judge too quickly.

Being non-judgmental is also a treat of emotionally intelligent people, and combined with your open-minded approach to life, it's easy to see why you're handling everything better than others.

Crying Is Detox

This is one of the strangest things you'll ever learn, but tears release a number of stress hormones and other chemicals.

The same chemicals are responsible for stress, so you're saving your health by letting it all out. So, it's not only that your mind feels cleaner, your body does the same.

Do not apologize for crying. Without this emotion, we are only robots.
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love