5 Reasons Relationships Fail

5 Reasons Relationships Fail

Most people dream of meeting the right person, settling down, and enjoying a loving and fulfilling relationship for eternity. Unfortunately, most people don't get to have this experience, and it's usually because of one relationship issue or another.

Today, we will look at the top 5 reasons relationships fail.

Many relationships crash and burn before their first anniversary. In fact, most relationships end after 5 months of dating.

So, if your relationship has one of these issues, complete failure is imminent unless you or your partner act quickly to turn things around. There are dozens of reasons relationships fail in addition to what we will discuss today.

With that, here are five reasons relationships fail. Learn to avoid these issues and your romance might have a chance.

1. Trust Issues - One Of The Key Reasons Relationships Fail

5 Reasons Relationships Fail

Trust is fundamental to any relationship, which is why it is one of the major reasons relationships fail. Some experts argue that trust is the fuel that keeps a relationship going.

Once trust is lost in a relationship, you naturally start drifting apart because you start feeling misplaced in that relationship.

That is why having a partner you cannot rely on is a huge red flag. Any relationship that lacks trust is pretty much guaranteed to end - it's just a matter of time.

Staying in a relationship where you have no trust in your partner can make you obsessively jealous, which cannot be healthy for either of you. The best thing to do when trust is no longer an aspect of your relationship is to walk away.

Otherwise, if you think the issue causing the distrust can be fixed, then you should bring it up with your partner and see if they are open to helping fix it.

Trust, unfortunately, is not easy to build and maintain, which is why it is among the major reasons relationships fail. Any number of issues can destroy trust, starting from finances to commitment problems. Communication problems can also create trust issues.

In relationships, it is therefore critical that you make sure that your partner can trust you. You can do this by being consistent, dependable, honest, and open. Find ways to keep reassuring your partner that you can be trusted, and your relationship will have a better chance of survival.

Also, address relationship issues as soon as they pop up. Unsolved issues sow a lot of doubt in a relationship and eventually tear it apart.

For instance, people who have been through bad relationship experiences in the past might be less trusting even when involved with honest partners. It is important to address such issues to have a healthy relationship.

2. Infidelity - A Major Relationship Killer

5 Reasons Relationships Fail

Infidelity is one of the worst things that can happen in a relationship as far as most people are concerned. Without a doubt, infidelity is among the top reasons relationships fail.

Unfaithfulness typically makes you feel that your partner does not respect you.

So, it is not surprising that cheating is one of the main reasons relationships fail, regardless of how long they have lasted. A lot of marriages go down the drain due to infidelity.

Sometimes, suspicions of infidelity are just as bad as infidelity itself. If that happens, it is important to reassure your partner of your faithfulness as soon as you can.

Getting upset or defensive will only make them angrier, and your relationship is less likely to survive even after confirmation that suspicions were completely unfounded.

If your partner is wrongly suspecting you of infidelity, then there is usually an underlying issue you need to address. For instance, it could be that they are overly jealous.

It could also mean that the way you associate with other people leaves a lot to be desired. If you are too flirtatious, that might be something you need to avoid to stop making your partner suspicious.

Confirmed infidelity is obviously much harder to address. Not many partners can forgive and remain in the relationship after knowing for sure they have been cheated on, which is why infidelity ranks so high on the list of reasons relationships fail.

3. Incompatibility - One Of The More Misunderstood Reasons Relationships Fail

5 Reasons Relationships Fail

They say that opposites attract, but that is not necessarily true when it comes to relationships. Incompatibility caused by differences between partners is one of the main reasons relationships fail.

Studies have shown that people are usually drawn to each other by the similarities they share. In the end, it is the things people have in common that keep them together.

When a relationship is just starting, the differences might seem interesting. But over time, the differences get in the way. This is why those looking for a long-term partner generally seek partners who have something in common with them.

Sure, opposite traits can complement each other, but at the end of the day, birds of a feather flock together. Studies have shown that the attraction to similar traits is so strong that it can be confirmed across different cultures.

Experts found out that partners learn to be complementary over time, but they still start by finding partners who are similar to them. For instance, one partner may be "the funny one" while the other seems more serious, although they might have been both humorous (or serious) when they started.

In the end, the differences between couples are often responsible for incompatibility issues, making it one of the major reasons relationships fail. Those unfamiliar traits end up being irritating, which makes someone seem less like a perfect match.

Otherwise, managing your expectations about the relationship can help you get along with your partner better. Compromise is an important ingredient in a relationship, even though it's important to retain your identity and be part of a relationship that allows you to be happy.

Movies are partly to blame for the perception that the ideal partner should be the complete opposite of what you are. The ideal partner for an introvert is not necessarily an extrovert. Such differences are more likely to strain the relationship and cause incompatibility problems than they are to enrich it.

So, be on the lookout for signs of incompatibility before you get involved with anyone, as this is one of the major reasons relationships fail.

4. Abusive Behavior - A Major Reason To End A Relationship

5 Reasons Relationships Fail

Abuse should never be tolerated in any relationship. Unfortunately, some people stick around thinking that the abuse will magically come to an end one day.

Regardless of whether the abuse is emotional or physical, it is a very serious red flag in a relationship. Abuse represents a fundamental disrespect and disregard for the abused partner's feelings, thoughts, and humanity.

Abuse is therefore one of the main reasons relationships fail.

Abusive relationships should not be tolerated, as they can result in long-term harm to the affected partner. So, as soon as signs of abuse arise, the relationship should end.

Otherwise, if you have suffered abuse in a relationship and the experience still bothers you, you should seek professional help and support from your friends and family.

In rare instances, the relationship can be saved, but that means the abuse has to end completely.

5. Communication Problems - You Have To Communicate In A Healthy Manner

5 Reasons Relationships Fail

Communication is the glue that holds relationships together. Regardless of how much you care about each other, your romance can't be expected to last without effective communication.

Poor communication is one of the main reasons long-term relationships don't work for many people. Once you get used to going for days without speaking, then your relationship is under serious threat.

It is also worth mentioning that communication is not just important for its own sake. Healthy communication is more important.

So, learn your partner's love language. If how you express yourself offends your partner, then work on that.

Studies have shown that many people withdraw during arguments, which is a powerful sign that they'll end up being unhappy with the relationship. It's better to face issues that pop up in the relationship head-on, however unpleasant they might be.

Also, understand that you cannot use body language to express yourself to your partner. Expecting your partner to read your mind is a very effective way to ruin your relationship and is one of the many reasons relationships fail.

Signs That Your Relationship Is About To End

5 Reasons Relationships Fail

Even after noticing the above signs in your relationship, you might not immediately know if your romance is about to fail. So, here are signs that your relationship might end soon:

1. If you or your partner prefer to share intimate details about your personal lives with other people, then that's not good for your relationship. This is usually a sign of emotional infidelity, and it often brings about trust issues that tear relationships apart.

2. If the relationship has lost its spark and you don't communicate as much as you should, then it might be about to end. It could also be that whenever you communicate, you just criticize each other.

3. Additionally, if you fight all the time over the smallest issues, your relationship might be on its deathbed. Chances are that one day, you will have a huge fight that will force you to split up.

As stated earlier, these are hardly the only reasons relationships fail. Couples break up over a lot of issues including finances, interference from family members, different expectations, divergent priorities, and many other things.

Fortunately, some of the most common reasons relationships fail can be fixed. Sadly, others don't give you that chance.