5 Reasons Guys Act Like They Don't Have Feelings (#3 Shocked Us)

Many people view men as being tough and secretive, but why do some of them appear to be emotionless? Read on to discover the top 5 reasons!


1. He's Confused About How He Feels

When men are uncertain about their feelings on a specific matter, including their relationship with someone, they might act as if they have no emotions regarding the subject.

These men don't want to reveal that they are unsure of their thoughts and feelings.

Men understand that women admire confident men who know what they want, so they avoid giving any indication that they are confused.

2. He Thinks You're Too Good For Him

Some men also pretend to not have feelings for someone they like because they believe that person is too good for them.

This belief could stem from various factors, such as the person's education, social circle, or even their car.

The longer this behavior continues, the higher the likelihood of the relationship coming to an end or the man sabotaging it instead of admitting defeat.

3. They Think It's How They're Supposed To Act

It is a societal norm for men to act as if they have no emotions, often without realizing it themselves.

For instance, when a little boy falls, he is expected to show strength by not crying, while it is acceptable for a little girl to cry.

When this type of mindset is applied to grown men, it is easier to understand why they believe they should not display emotions and always be ready for any challenges.

4. He Doesn't Want You To Know The Truth

Sometimes, men are hesitant to reveal their true emotions towards you or a certain situation.

They may hide the extent of their affection for you or have a secret crush on your best friend.

Until the truth is revealed or he moves on, don't be shocked if this kind of man pretends to have no emotions.

5. He's Really Doesn't Have Feelings

Occasionally, you may come across a man who genuinely lacks emotions.

He could be insensitive to things that you find important, or his apathy could be genuine.

However, he could also be a genuine sociopath with no emotions for anything or anyone.


What Do You Do When A Guy Doesn't Have Feelings For You?

If a man appears to have no feelings for you, it's okay. He may change his mind, but be prepared for the possibility that he never will. Give him time to process, avoid harassing him in person or online, and remember that it doesn't reflect on your worth.

How Does A Man Show His Love Without Saying It?

Many men are eager to be close to those they love or care for. They may arrange hangouts and dates, spend as much time with you as possible, and keep in touch through phone calls or texts when they're not together.

Do Guys Disappear When They Like You?

Sadly, it's not uncommon for some guys to fade away even if they have feelings for you. This is usually not a reflection of your worth, but rather something that the guy has created in his own mind that has become insurmountable. It could be that he's afraid to express his emotions due to the fear of rejection, or perhaps he's just unsure if the two of you are truly compatible despite his fondness for you.