5 Products That Can Spice Up Your Romance Life

5 Products That Can Spice Up Your Romance Life

Everyone has their turn-ons, kinks, and favorite sexy time moves that never fail. Sometimes what you've been doing works. But sometimes you're left wanting more from moments of intimacy. That's nobody's fault. It's human nature to evolve and look for creative ways to reach orgasm. Especially if you've been with the same partner for a long time, now's the time to spice things up in the bedroom. We're lucky to live in an era when there are so many products that can heighten what it means to get hot and heavy. To help you get a little more acquainted with some of the most popular ways people like to shake things up sexually, we're listing our top 5 products that can spice up your romance life.

Foreplay Game

This card game for couples is specially designed to tease and turn you on with some well-deserved sexy time. Each card has an activity that focuses on building anticipation through exploring each other's bodies. Spicy games like the Foreplay Game are great for couples looking to deepen their connection while keeping things hot and sexy. Pull out this game when you're looking to create steamy moments before taking it to the next level. Trying different adult card games is a great way to expand your sexual comfort zone. People often don't feel comfortable trying kinkier moves because they don't know where to begin. It can be tough to be put on the spot. The Foreplay Game eases players into exploring their fantasies and desires. Because this game focuses on pre-intercourse touching, there's still so much room for your imagination to roam free. You won't be able to keep your hands off each other!

Sex Toys

Here's something everyone needs in their bedroom: masturbation toys. Seriously, these clever accessories can make a world of difference whether you're pleasuring yourself or a partner. When you use your toy during solo play, you can explore your body and sexuality at your own pace. You get to figure out more about what you like, desire and need to climax, all while keeping yourself on the edge of orgasm. These toys also make you a better sexual partner, capable of communicating exactly what you need, or even taking the lead if you're into that. Using your masturbation toy with someone else, whether they're in control or you're teasing them, is an incredibly sexy way to climax together. Remember that the toy is your friend, not your competition. Let it be a tool for bringing your partner a new type of pleasure. It's such an exciting and fun accessory to add to the mix of your favorite moves. Just make sure you clean it properly before introducing it to someone new!

Dice Game

Spice things up with a sex game based on the classic game of dice. A game that utilizes dice is a great way to explore both your bodies in an exciting new way. Sometimes all you need is a little push in the right direction to let your inner kinks out. Take things to a steamier, sexier level with adult games that push you out of your comfort zone. With so much trust involved, it can be a great way to spark a deeper connection while still keeping things loose and lighthearted. Release your fears of being judged or embarrassed. Playing adult games brings long-term partners closer together. It can be extremely erotic to jump into a game without knowing how you'll be touched until it's your turn.

Body Massage Candles

Total relaxation is key to making sure you and your sex partner feel comfortable enough to abandon yourselves to sex play. Our favorite way to melt into each other – is through body massage candles. You don't even have to be a good masseuse to know that a moisturizing, aromatic candle can do wonders to set the mood. Pour this "liquid gold" directly on the skin for a warm sensation that tantalizes the skin and arouses your partner. Just a basic massage that lets the infused oil sink into the skin is a sensual opportunity to touch, skin-to-skin. Such an intimate and hands-on bedroom activity slows the action right down, so you can savor every touch. This is an incredibly sexy way to show your partner you're reveling in and aroused by every inch of them.

Role Play Costumes

Sometimes the best way to elevate your sex life is by getting out of your head. What better way to do that than to create an entirely new persona who can fulfill your and your partner's sexual fantasies? Role-play costumes are a great tool for bringing together a complete look that can turn your partner on. Nurse, firefighter, maid, handyman, and anything under the sun that you can think of, can be something new to try on for size. You won't believe how much your confidence will skyrocket once you get into character. If a full costume isn't necessarily in your comfort zone yet, start with stockings or other sexy accessories that leave a little to the imagination. Fishnets are a tried-and-true method to turn up the heat with slim, perfect-looking legs that conceal only what you want to. Wherever your comfort level lies, dressing up or down in something outside the box can be a great tool for teasing your partner into a white-hot frenzy. Find out what their sex fantasy is, get into character, and have the best night either of you has ever experienced.

There's no right or wrong method to bring things to a boil in the bedroom. That's a personal matter. Just one product that tickles your fancy or piques your partner's interest is your starting point. Communication is key, so make sure you're on the same page about comfort zones and introducing new toys. While your partner's pleasure is certainly a top priority, you always want to make sure you're both having fun. Any of the products listed above are sure to give you goosebumps and open your mind to further exploration. You deserve the most vibrant, satisfying sex life possible, so start exploring!