5 Obvious Signs That Indicate You're Trapped In A Toxic Relationship

5 Obvious Signs That Indicate You’re Trapped In A Toxic Relationship

We all know that no relationship is perfect as women are from Venus, and men are from Mars. But, a toxic relationship is something that should be avoided.

Though disputes are likely to appear in a relationship due to differences of opinion, in the end, love prevails in true relationships.

However, all relationships are not the same. There are some bad relationships where partners may no longer feel secure, cared for, loved, and respected.


If you are going through such a phase in your relationship, it could be toxic.

Now the question that arises here: 'What is a toxic relationship?'

A relationship that tends to contaminate your self-esteem, mental state, happiness, and freedom is referred to as a "toxic relationship."

Do you want to find out whether you are in a toxic relationship?

If so, then here are five obvious signs to consider:


1. Your partner doesn't trust you

Isn't it annoying if your partner snatches your phone and starts checking through your social handles or your browser's history?

The torture doesn't end here! The partner doubts you when you are late from work or keeps a check on you when you are out with your friends.

If you are facing these issues, you need to understand that you are in a toxic relationship.


Always remember that trust is a building block of any relationship, and trust issues are quite similar to a death blow. So, don't ignore this vital sign.

2. You feel guilty for every little thing

A relationship indeed isn't a bed of roses. And trust me, if you're into a beautiful relationship, you shouldn't feel guilty when you're not at fault.


You shouldn't feel guilty for who you are and for what you love to do. If your partner is trying to make you feel guilty by nagging at you for everything, then it's undoubtedly a sign of a bad relationship.

Psychological manipulation and guilt-promoting comments are tools that are used by narcissistic individuals to formulate a toxic relationship. So, it's better to keep a distance from such individuals.


3. Either you or your partner feels "super jealous"

"Jealously"- sounds familiar, right? But, too much jealousy plays a vital role in building distrust in relationships. In fact, it's a mark of a toxic relationship.

Start questioning yourself: Am I jealous? Do I trust my partner? Do I give him/ her personal space? Also, see whether your partner is jealous if you go out with someone of his gender.


Well, minor jealousy can be curbed as it's common in relationships. However, in case it involves controlling behaviors, domestic violence, threats, or some other dangerous entities, it's surely an indication of a toxic relationship.

If you wish to master the art of dealing with jealousy, read our blog.

4. Volatility is a red flag indicating a toxic relationship

Are you sharing a bond with a person who is like a volcano? Is it like your partner explodes at petty things?


If it's so, then be ready to witness the worst part of a toxic relationship as a volatile temper and lack of patience is enough to slay a good relationship.

When you are with a volatile partner, you'll lose your freedom. You'll have to think twice before doing anything as it might annoy your partner.

It's better to identify the early signs before you are drowning in a relationship's toxicity.


5. A toxic relationship will drive you away from friends and families

Imagine you used to be a very loving and friendly person once upon a time. All of a sudden, you're forced to stop hanging out with your friends and family members.

Why? Because your partner feels your friends are not good enough for you. He wants you to be with him all the time.


In case these things are repeating, and you feel your partner is separating you from your friends and family, be sure you are in a toxic relationship.

Controlling and insulting behavior, having trust issues, finding faults in each other, impatience, and selfishness are some of the negative characteristics that are enough to stab a healthy relationship.

Look for these five obvious signs to identify whether you are in a toxic relationship and find a way out from it. Ultimately, no relationship should make you feel like you need to give up your existence!


Instead of adjusting and suffering, it is better to put an end to a toxic relationship. So, say goodbye to a narcissistic partner and move on to a pleasant life!