5 Most Haunted Cemeteries In The World

5 Most Haunted Cemeteries In The World

Cemeteries can be places of great beauty. However, with the remains of so many people buried in such small spaces, it's often no surprise that for many people, cemeteries invoke fear and dread.

The thought of so many bodies just a few feet beneath the ground has led to graveyards often associated with ghosts, hauntings, and the occult.

Here are the five most haunted graveyards on earth.

1. Highgate Cemetery in London

Located in North London, this cemetery was opened in 1839 and is the resting place for over 170,000 people.

Its grounds contain many elaborate tombs and catacombs, and several famous individuals have been buried here, including Karl Marx.

The cemetery is well known for high-profile haunting, and many visitors to the cemetery have reported feeling unseen touches, seeing ghostly apparitions, and hearing strange sounds emanating from its historic morsels.

Rumors about satanic cults meeting in the cover of darkness in the cemetery have also been circulating for decades.

The haunting has been associated with some of the well-known scary occurrences in the area, including the Highgate Vampire. Many accounts of vampire attacks have also been reported.

2. Greyfriars Kirkyard in Scotland

The cemetery has been used for burials since the 16th century and holds bodes of well-known Scottish people.

On a bright day, the graveyard may seem like a beautiful spot with a perfect view over the Edinburgh Castle.

However, the atmosphere seems to change when darkness falls. Many of the graveyard monuments are engraved and transform into images of death, including skeletons, skulls, and coffins.

Over 500 individual accounts have been recorded of ghosts attacking visitors in the graveyard. The reports include people being scratched, burnt, bruised, bitten, and even having broken bones.

3. La Noria Cemetery in Chile

Deep in the Chile desert lies two abandoned towns: Humberston and La Noria.

The towns were founded in 1872 as part of the booming mining industry. Economic problems eventually led to the closure of the mines as well as the town's workers.

The towns were later abandoned.

There are legends and rumors about ghostly goings-on at the towns, in particular, the attached cemetery at La Noria.

The locals have reported apparitions and shadowy figures wandering around the abandoned streets.

Other haunting includes screaming footsteps, and sighting of children lurking around the old schoolhouse. There have also been reports of figures moving through the night in the cemetery.

4. The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague

This's the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe and was in use from the 15th century, right up until 1786.

It contains around 12,000 tombstones. However, it may be holding as many as 100,000 bodies.

The cemetery has had numerous reports of haunting, with many visitors to the site claiming to have seen ghostly apportions moving between the forest of tombstones.

5. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Located in Cook County, this small abandoned cemetery has had a reputation as being one of the most haunting spots in America. Burials first began at the site in around 1840.

And officially, it contains 82 plots. However, it's believed there are more bodies buried here.

Disturbingly, many of the bodies buried here have disappeared over the years, and there has been whispering and rumors that satanic rituals are often held on the site.

Visitors to the site have reported feeling a rapid temperature drop, seeing strange orbs and apparitions, heated crying, and footsteps emanating from the darkness.