5 Main Distractions That Keep You From Living In The Here And Now

5 Main Distractions That Keep You From Living In The Here And Now

It's ironic, yet to live your brightest future, you have to nail the art of living in the here and now. In the era of distractions, can we avoid distractions and live mindfully?

Being mindful is one of the most popular terms in modern psychology. It's no wonder since living in the present moment is more complicated than ever. From social networks to self-conflicts, here's the list of primary disturbances and how to deal with them.


We got so used to doing several things at once. We think we're saving time, but our minds disagree. It's creating chaos, so try doing one thing at a time.

Additionally, start doing things a bit slower. Enjoy the morning shower, notice your workplace, go to the grocery store mindfully… Life's full of beautiful things we see every day, yet we are so busy, we never notice them completely.


It's evident that social media, and media, in general, have taken over people's lives. To be in touch with yourself, you need to unplug.

When you're eating or taking a relaxing walk, experience it, stop escaping into a virtual world. It's impossible to live without a phone, but put it on silent, and devote all your attention to whatever it is that you're doing.

If you worry about what might be and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is.



One of the most significant distractions comes in the form of our expectations.

We are eager to get that promotion, to get out of the traffic, we force our brains to be somewhere before we get there.

It's healthy to have a dream, as long as you keep your mind in the present. Imagination is good, but don't use it as an outlet from the here and the now.

Thinking in the past or future

We are always having conversations with ourselves. Most of the time, we're overthinking. Let's try something different, not related to the past or the future.

What if you started saying: "Now I am reading the papers." Whenever you feel sad because of past events, or you are anxious about the future, try grounding yourself with a simple statement. Start with "Now I am" and say what you're doing or feeling.

It's no secret that we need mindfulness exercises, and this is a simple way to get back on track, without punishing ourselves for our wandering thoughts.

Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future; concentrate the mind on the present moment.


Shallow breathing

You can't inhale the future breath, and you can't exhale the past one. Breathing is the perfect example that all we have is this moment.

When we are under stress, our breathing changes, it becomes shallow, which leads to anxiety. As we know, fear is a future related worry. Stop whatever it is that you're doing, and inhale and exhale deeply, while your mind is focused solely on the belly and lungs rising and falling.

To stay present, pay attention to the world, listen, and don't force yourself to do anything. Practice self-love and mindfulness whenever you can, and be grateful for this moment.

The benefits of living in the present go beyond mental health. When you're eating mindfully or shopping for groceries, you're making healthier choices.

Any mindful decision you make is always better. In many ways, being in the here and the now is promoting a longer and happier life. But we won't think about it since all we have is now.