5 Lies You Are Telling You're And Why You Should Stop

5 Lies You Are Telling You’re And Why You Should Stop

You can be among the most positive people, yet negative thoughts find a way to enter your mind. And that's when you start lying to yourself, which can attract more negativity into your life. Be careful, especially when you have inner monologues.

Nailing life is already hard enough. Yet, you're not doing yourself any favors once you enter that negative circle of thoughts. Dangerous assumptions are harmful because, over time, they become false truths. That's why it's essential to discover and neutralize the enemy – your mind!


Not good enough

The idea that you're not good enough for someone or as good as others is familiar, yet it's utter nonsense. You made up specific standards, and now you're supposed to act on them. And since it's all in your head, you will never feel good enough. This circle is quite vicious, and in no time, you're hopelessly removing yourself from success. It's self-sabotage at its finest!


You're not as good as others regarding some things. And you're not good enough for everyone. But, even if you objectively suck (which isn't possible), you can get better. That should be your new way of thinking. You're learning, acknowledging, and finding solutions!

Your appearance

No one is as polished and pretty as those girls on magazine covers. Not even them! Stop putting yourself down over things you can't change, or you don't have the time to change. Your nose isn't too big, you're not too thin, quit lying to yourself! No matter how resilient you are, your mind starts believing these things, and you're wasting your energy on nonsense.


Accepting your appearance and doing your best to improve is the only way to go. If you walk like you own the room, people will see you in that light. On the other hand, if you feel like crap, Naomi's face and body won't make any difference. You will still be you inside, and that's why it's silly to dwell over your looks.

I am guilty of calling myself stupid daily. No, I don't believe it, yet, when you're repeating it, you need to reevaluate your IQ. You're wasting your time on something you know it's a lie because you can't spend a day without insulting yourself.


Similarly, we tell ourselves we aren't smart, or we can't do something, we are weak. While it appears innocent, it's causes chaos to your brain. It's okay to make a joke from time to time, but try to turn your self-talk into something productive and truthful. How? Practice self-love and pamper yourself until you learn how much you have to offer!

Someday or procrastination

Take action now! Your brain doesn't work well with someday. It's not a command, it's vague, and strangely, this thinking creates resistance. Your one day or someday turns into never because you didn't take even the smallest step now.


What can you do with this vicious lie? If you're caught up with those "somedays," it is time for making schedules. Write down your tasks and add dates, hours, then set reminders. You might feel like this is military training, but self-discipline will make you a better person. Not for the rest of the world, but for yourself only. Don't let a small word stop you from becoming something!


Attached to the past

The past may seem brighter than the present. Our selective memory is to blame, but if you're still talking about the past, you're not helping. You're double lying to yourself. No, the past wasn't better. And secondly, you're not doing a thing to make the present great. Let it go. It doesn't define you.


Some people blame their past for their present. Though traumas can make it difficult, you need proper therapy, so you can have your time and place to discuss the events. You don't need to live with them each day, 24/7.

Do some soul searching and find out which of these common lies are preventing you from having a better life. Be curious, detect, and make your mental health, as well as your self-love, a priority. Don't believe everything you hear: sometimes we are better at lying to ourselves than to others!