It’s always for the best to mind your own business. But some people just can’t help themselves. This woman stuck her head in a metal gate for five hours while trying to eavesdrop on her neighbor.

A woman from Columbia, who allegedly wanted to spy if her neighbor was home, ended up getting her head stuck in the front door.

Although she managed to force her head through the metal bars, she could not free herself from the gate.

According to some witnesses, the woman was trying to spy on her neighbor to get something she could gossip about with her friends.

Her ordeal caused her a lot of drama in the neighborhood. Some of her neighbors had even tried to free the woman’s head from the bars, but they were unsuccessful.

Firefighters were called in to help the woman free herself from the gate. And It was unclear why the firefighters took so long to get the nosy woman out of the ordeal.

According to witnesses, the men had a hard time dealing with the woman’s ordeal because they were also trying not to laugh at the lady’s hilarious situation.

The photos of the incident found their way to the internet, and they quickly went viral.

A local radio, Radio La Roca FM, posted on Facebook:

“Unusual, a woman was trapped for 5 hours in the bars of a house in the city of Virginia, Colombia, when she introduced her head to observe if her neighbor was inside her home, by curious… that you do not pass.”

Commenting on the incident, some social media users said that it was a swift form of karma on the lady for trying to eavesdrop on her neighbor. Others commented that the incident should be a lesson to those who love snooping and gossiping.

After she was freed from the gate, it was unclear what happened to the nosy woman. However, people believe that she wasn’t harmed in the rescue.

According to the reports, the officials managed to free the woman’s head using bedroom lubrication.

Let’s hope that she learned her lesson and will abstain from poking her nose in other people’s business again!

Nosy neighbors can make you uncomfortable. You don’t want someone peeping through the windows of your home, watching your every move.

Although spying may not be a crime in most cases, it can interfere with your life.

So, you need to take action to stop your nosy neighbors from snooping around your home. And one of the best ways is by confronting them peacefully.

Maybe they don’t realize they’re making you uncomfortable. Or perhaps your neighbor thinks they’re doing you service by keeping an eye on everything happening around your home.

Let your nosy neighbors know that their behaviors are disconcerting, and it may be all it takes to get them to stop snooping.

You can also install barriers around your home. Build tall fences, plant trees in front of the windows, or cover windows with privacy film.