5 Helpful Tips To Deal With Negative People And Relationships

5 Helpful Tips To Deal With Negative People And Relationships

No matter what you say or do, negative people have that unique power to make things worse. It's draining, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself.

Negative people and relationships are around us all the time. You can't escape them, however, you can limit your exposure and let your positivity shine. Dealing with the toxic environment means that you consciously choose not to be part of that narrative. Here are seven, hopefully, helpful tips on how to deal with all the negativity, which is taking over the world.

Be responsible

Wait, what does it have to do with your responsibility? A lot! You're the one responsible for your reactions. So, you can either allow yourself to get sucked into other people's negativity, or you can choose to pick a half-full glass.


Start noticing how you respond, and you'll see that staying positive is a matter of practice. You can't always escape poisonous people, but you can choose not to be affected by their words.

Keep it light

If your coworkers are the ones spreading negativity, you can't shut them down. You need to have some relationship with them, but make sure that your conversations are light.


Pick topics you know they like. If you can't think of any, at least comment on something, you don't find interesting. Those silly comments about the weather won't ruin your day, but if even if they manage to turn it into something bigger, change the topic. Play with them, see them as an experiment. It's one way to keep your spirits high.

Praise them

It might feel like you're sleeping with the enemy, but negative people are their own worst enemies. They aren't just playing the victim: they feel like they are victims.

Of course, they will reject your compliments at first, but there's a chance they might feel something fluffy and cute. Like they just saw a puppy for the first time. You won't change their essence, but spark some positivity, which is a lot!


Don't argue

Let them win, because you're not going to get anything but a headache if you're fighting with a negative mind. Don't let them pull you down, and remember that you can walk away at any moment.

No one has the right to torture you. So, you're doing your part by avoiding the debate, but if they are still spreading their poison, stop them.


If possible, stay away

Sometimes, it all gets too much. You're overwhelmed, and there's no reason to keep negativity in your life. Avoid contact, but if it's someone you really care about, you can give them a reason for your behavior.

It's not up to you to fix people. You can limit your exposure or even completely cut them off, depending on where they stand in your life.

You might have to let negative people win, to save yourself. Dealing with toxic behaviors and relationships can help you become stronger and even more positive. Simply because you don't want to be part of them.

While you're learning to deal with negativity, express gratitude for all the good things in your life. But more than everything, be grateful for the person you are now, and you'll only grow in the right direction!