5 Gemstones Traditionally Used To Clear Negative Energies

5 Gemstones Traditionally Used To Clear Negative Energies

Colorful, vibrant gemstones have always been in demand for jewelry manufacturing, spiritual purposes, or even as home decor. Regardless of the spiritual path you've chosen, you should keep close at least one of the five gemstones that can clear negative energies.

Many people may consider the therapeutic potential of mineral crystals as new-age mumbo jumbo. Yet, the belief that semi-precious gemstones have otherworldly powers dates back to the ancient people of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Even though there is no scientific evidence (yet) to support this claim, spiritual people believe in the magic residing in these little geological treasures and work with and through them to heal, ward off evil, enhance prosperity, and promote well-being.

Regardless of their shape and size, here are the five most popular choices when it comes to keeping negative vibes at bay.

1. Obsidian

Game of Thrones fans might know this gemstone as the White Walker killer. And its uses in real life are not far from those depicted in the series.

Throughout history, occultists used obsidian mirrors as a scrying medium—portals to other dimensions and methods of communicating with demons and spirits.

Today it didn't lose its magical reputation and has become a must-have when it comes to protection. You can either keep it in your purse or pocket, place it on a shelf together with some fancy-looking books, or wear a pendant made from a small piece of this potent volcanic glass.

2. Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline is another gemstone well-known for its ability to clear the air. It comes in many colors and shades, but the black one is the most potent.

Actually, as opposed to popular misconceptions, the black color is preferred when it comes to harnessing positive energy and getting rid of negative sensations.

Black tourmaline is not so high on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, and it's not recommended to be worn as jewelry due to its frailness. But you can still use it as home decor. However, you need to make sure to place it in a corner where your cats or children can't reach.

3. Amethyst

If by now you've got used to dark-colored stones, it's time to break the monotony with the most magical-looking gemstone there is—the amethyst.

This shiny, purple wonder not only keeps you safe, but it also enhances your intuition and increases your energy levels.

The great news is that you can easily find amethyst-encrusted rings, bracelets, and other accessories that you can wear daily and keep bad mojo away.

4. Smokey Quartz

This one is an absolute beauty! You can keep it in your house or on your desk, at the office. It promotes a clean flow of positive energy, and it enhances productivity.

Keep it near you at all times, and enjoy its delicate, yet powerful influence over your career and personal space.

5. Jet Stone

Did you know that jet stone is not a mineral?

But don't get fooled by its classification. Jet stone is as powerful and effective as any other crystal. Even more so, it is the most efficient absorber of harmful energies.

Isn't that a reputation hard to attain?

Choose how one or a couple of the five gemstones that can clear negative energies. Regardless of which one you choose, make sure that it hasn't been made in a lab. Natural stones are more potent than their artificially-made counterparts.