5 Fun Ways To Make Sustainable Living Sexy! It's So Easy!

5 Fun Ways To Make Sustainable Living Sexy! It’s So Easy!

Here are tips to make sustainability sexy while still saving money and reducing your carbon footprint!

It's not just the fault of huge companies; we can all take small steps to combat climate change. Even if it's just doing Sustainability Sunday and writing off plastic bags.

Get metal drink bottles

5 fun ways to make sustainable living sexy! it's so easy!

Zero waste is the goal, but small steps are key to sustainable living.

Furthermore, you can be sexy while being sustainable!

Yes, I know it's basic, and yes, I know that everyone in your university lecture hall has one, but it's fun! Let's make saving the world fun again!

Honestly, it's the simplest – and most aesthetic – way of helping out. They don't even have to break the bank. Most flasks will only get you back a tenner!

Furthermore, you can show off your eco-centric ways! It's not performative if you're actually doing your part and encouraging others to get one too!

Conserve energy anywhere you can. Have cold showers, do an energy audit of your house, reuse things instead of buying new plastic bottles.

Get a recycling bin that you will actually use

5 fun ways to make sustainable living sexy! it's so easy!

Research recycling programs - it's simple! You don't need to be a perfect sustainable living blogger overnight.

Small steps to reduce save energy can include solar panels or using less toilet paper and hot water and supporting ethical fashion.

It's easy, embrace your inner eco-warrior princess. Fight global warming and still be sexy!

I know this sounds uninteresting and always reminds me of my parents nagging each other to take out the bins when I was younger, but it's so important!

One way to incentivize the situation is to make it pretty or spray paint it in some way. Caring for the planet is something to be proud of; embrace that!

Put it out to the end of your driveway with pride and, again, you will guilt all your neighbors into doing the same.

Have the whole neighbourhood filled with jaunty, sparkly bins!

Embrace sustainable living

5 fun ways to make sustainable living sexy! it's so easy!

Another tip: always trade in electronics, even if they're not worth anything.

Prioritise fair trade products; these providers promise to pay their workers fairly for their labour.

The big companies all have trade-in deals, and that way, they're not cluttering up your house. You have more room to make a considered choice about your next device – thinking about how long it will last you, and whether you really need it.

Here's another unexpected top: find a local food bank or local produce and get your fruit and vegetables from greengrocers or a farmer's market.

Use public transport to support healthy living

5 fun ways to make sustainable living sexy! it's so easy!

It's cheaper and you're supporting a local business.

Furthermore, they often sell cute tote bags and go largely plastic-free. This helps everyone's carbon footprints and supports the propagation of more shops like it!

Turn off the lights while you're at it!

Email information instead of paper waste! Minimize gift ideas involving single-use plastics. Train yourself to pursue sustainable clothing and chic reusable bags.

Don't only pay attention to Earth Day; switch to renewable energy year-round.

Even your consumer choices can have a huge environmental cause and effect!

Walk more

5 fun ways to make sustainable living sexy! it's so easy!

Find cycle pools and figure out public transport for the first time ever.

Even if you get it wrong and end up in a new place, it's a new adventure! It can be a fun new story, and you will learn how to do it properly the next time!

Have faith in public transport and learn the tricks of the trade!

Using public transport is great for the environment – so is cycle pooling – and it means that you are also more independent too! You can even meet new people!

And finally: upcycle your clothes and use sites like Etsy and Depop.

Make sure your clothes get used, and get some bang for your buck too!

What's not to love?

Do your part and look the part at the same time! You can work on yourself at the same time as you work on the planet!

Green is the new black, lads!