5 Expert Tips For Transitioning From Live Poker Tournaments To Online Poker Tournaments


The game of poker has been able to go from strength to strength with the advent of technology, as new ways and experiences are now being offered to players worldwide to enhance the gameplay that is being enjoyed.

A new development that has been made possible is to play and compete in online poker tournaments through some of the biggest brands and operators. Players are now able to go from a live setting, such as in a traditional poker room, and play against foes globally through their preferred device in an environment that they feel more comfortable in.


The ability to play this way has appealed to a number of individuals, as they are able to feel less pressure than if they were competing in person in a physical atmosphere and environment. There has been a telling increase in the number of participants in recent years, and this is only expected to continue.

However, what some may not acknowledge or be aware of is the fact that there are certain challenges that need to be considered when making the transition from live games to online tournaments. As avid poker enthusiasts know, they need to have the right approach in regard to all aspects of their game if they are to be successful when sitting at the table, and this rings extremely true when competing online.


Experts have managed to compile a number of tips that can help to make any transition as smooth as possible, with five of the best highlighted.

Familiarize yourself with the online poker interface

Poker players need to be in control of everything that they can control in order to have a successful experience. That may not always involve winning, but being able to make sure they have a command of the things that can be done will immediately make the session more positive.


When playing online, players should familiarize themselves with the interface. They should take time to study where each of the aspects of a game are and how they can get the most out of the options that are available. This could include where the bet options are, the ability to look at in-game features, or even just use a chat facility to communicate with others that are participating.


Practice playing in smaller competitions

Before heading into a poker tournament online for the very first time, it is always advisable to test yourself and your skills at the table in smaller competitions beforehand. It can provide you with the opportunity to see if you are actually ready to take on the biggest names.

At the same time, a smaller competition will usually involve less pressure, which can then allow an individual to hone their skills and make sure they are as sharp as required. Players are able to test out and configure strategies that may work for them while also gaining an insight into what other players may look to do in certain scenarios. Once comfortable, then the step to a top tournament can be next.


Adopt a bankroll strategy

As much as poker is about the cards in front of the player, it is also about the bankroll and how well it is managed. Players who are disciplined and only bet when they know the time is right will have the best experiences.

Online poker tournaments can often be available 24/7, which can make it more difficult to manage if making a transition from live games. It is important to recognize and master strategies that help maintain discipline, otherwise it could become rather costly.


Remember there are different playing styles

Poker can often be a game about bluffing and body language. This is something that may not be easy to identify when playing online, as individuals are usually hidden and not seen. Therefore, new ways are needed to identify what your opponents may be doing and how they might be trying to play the game.

Avid poker enthusiasts will know that there are various playing styles and can often pick them out after a few rounds. It is important when making the transition to keep these in mind as they will often be the same. Players can be aggressive or cautious with their approach, and after a few hands, you may be able to identify which route they are going down.


Use poker software

It is possible to use poker software when playing online to your advantage. You can look to use hand charts and other resources that can help to enhance your gameplay freely, as these are not deemed as tactics of cheating.

There are a plethora of tools available that can be used, and it is highly advisable to use technology to its advantage where possible.


Bottom Line

The transition from live poker tournaments to online events can be challenging, but with the right approach, it can be potentially rewarding and entertaining. Keep these expert tips in hand, and you will improve your gameplay sessions and experiences positively.