5 Everyday Habits Of Unhappy People That You Should Avoid

5 Everyday Habits Of Unhappy People That You Should Avoid

We are all guilty of having unhealthy habits, but if some are directly affecting our happiness, it's time to recognize and remove them. There's too little time and too much to do, so the last thing you need is to make yourself miserable.

Being happy isn't difficult, but people have that impeccable way of making habits that will cause them unhappiness. And, of course, misery loves company, so there are more negative feelings that follow.

Genuine happiness comes from within and is the result of your thoughts, actions, daily activities, and your outlook on life. Basically, it's all up to you, so accept and then invest yourself into changing habits that aren't bringing you joy.

Too much complaining


It's one thing to vent, to have that moment of going through the day, and releasing negativity. But, if you can't find even one thing, and admit that that event/person was a positive experience, you're stuck in a victim mode. Your need to complain is now a habit, and breaking it will take a lot of practice.

Expressing your feelings about unfavorable situations can be therapeutic. However, continually complaining about your life, your past, and your future can deepen feelings of negativity. And that's how you plant even more anxiety and sadness into your thinking process.

Additionally, you don't want to make others around you miserable, so show some self-love and respect for yourself and the people you love.

Waiting for …


Many people are waiting for something to happen, thinking that will bring them peace and happiness. Why not choose to be joyful now, and take action now, and see how much power you hold in your hands at this very moment?

A new job, a bigger home, basically waiting for improvement, is a pattern. You are teaching yourself always to want more, but when you get there, you still feel empty. So, the sooner you break that harmful habit, the more likely you'll discover that your life is pretty awesome as it is.

Living in the past

If you're stuck in the past, obsessing over the good or the bad events, you are making yourself depressed. Instead, make peace with what was yesterday, and try to live for today.


Regret is a familiar feeling, very powerful, and scarily destructive. You can't change what happened, so learn from it and move on. It's not as easy as it sounds, but the more you live in the moment, the less time you'll have to go back to your past mistakes.

Living in the future

On the other side of the coin is worrying about the future. That future anxiety is not allowing you to be grateful to see where you are. It's clouding your judgment regarding important decisions.

Planning is good, but remember to be flexible. The "what if" scenarios are quite exhausting, even haunting. All that overthinking isn't giving you anything productive, because you can't honestly know what the future will look like. Daydreaming and having a certain amount of optimism is the only way to "prepare" yourself, because other than that, we are all clueless.



There's no real harm if you have a small talk with your bestie about Hollywood dramas. If you're wasting your true potential to humiliate others, then you're creating a vicious cycle in which you're no longer a priority in your life.

You are also giving people a feeling that you're not trustworthy, so you really are setting yourself up for some unwanted situations.

Gossiping can be fun, as long as it's light and not something you lose sleep over. It's in our nature. Do not talk ill about people who are your friends or people you don't know. You don't know what is going on in their lives, so show some compassion. Remember that your life won't be any better if you can't live without talking nonsense about others.

You can't be positive all the time as you're all going to encounter negative thoughts and emotions. However, you can break a circle of bad habits by choosing to be at the very least thankful for having this day. And use it to show yourself just how magnificent you genuinely are!