5 Crystals That Clear Negative Energy

5 Crystals That Clear Negative Energy

Crystals and stones have been used for a variety of physical and emotional ailments by ancient cultures. They are still used in today's hectic world. You may be a bit skeptical of crystal healing stones and their "powers," but it's worth at least a try. It won't hurt, it's perfectly safe and extremely therapeutic.

There are a vast variety of stones and crystals to choose from. If you're starting off working with crystals, we have compiled a small list of the ones that can clear out negative energy from your aura. These can help provide you with some clarity and vitality. Negative energy can easily get stuck in our auras if we don't take proper care and clear out this heavy energy frequently. Working with healing crystals can help you greatly in this process.

1. Amethyst

This precious stone, one of my favorites, is often used in the treatment of any sleep disorders, such as apnea. This beautiful stone can promote feelings of calm and positivity. Try putting one under your pillow at night to help to ward off negative spirits and help you fall asleep as well. This stone is also known for removing any bad energy that can leave you feeling negative and pessimistic. On top of clearing out negative energy, amethyst also helps to keep any negative thoughts at bay with its ability to revive one with positive feelings. It is the ideal stone for a highly sensitive person. The precious stone is essential to those who are prone to get depressed and weighed down with negative thoughts.

2. Black Tourmaline

Also known as Schorl, ancient magicians used Black Tourmaline, to protect them from evil spirits on Earth as they cast spells. This stone has been used throughout the ages by all kinds of people seekings its healing and protective powers.

Today, people still hold this stone in high regard for its ability to protect the wearer and deflect negative energies and harmful forces. It also helps to ward off radiation and pollution, so an ideal one to have in your office or home where you have lots of TVs, computers, etc. Black tourmaline can even rectify negative thinking and moods, turning them into positive, helpful energy. A good one to have if you struggle with internal battles, as this stone is said to bring about positive thinking which helps people deal with everyday stresses. Black Tourmaline is an excellent grounding stone due to its powerful healing properties. It helps the wearer to break through harmful thinking patterns, adjust to stressful working environments, and even improve self-confidence.

3. Fire Agate

As the name suggests, this fiery stone is excellent for giving you a sense of purpose and help you feel alive, which helps in dispelling any negative energies. This stone falls under the category of gemstone stones. It helps with grounding you to the earth while at the same time it forms a protective shield around you to ward off and harmful energies.

Fire agate will align all your chakras and stabilize your energies. Part of the quartz family, it is one of the best stones to help promote healing and positivity. It can infuse your life with purpose, direction and vitality once again.

4. Jet Stone

The physical appearance of this stone is unique and one of a kind, they are black in color, very smooth, and polished. Hard to tell with the naked eye, but the Jet stone is derived from fossilized wood, this can be seen clearly under a microscope.

Since ancient times jet stone has been used to relieve anxiety and depression, it holds the energy of great strength and protection to anyone who wears or carries it. It is also used to protect against psychic attacks by removing negative energies from your aura that may have become stuck from exposure to other people's energy. The jet stone can help the wearer with grief, which also causes anxiety.

5. Obsidian

Obsidian is not just a strikingly beautiful stone, but it's one of the most potent stones to protect against psychic attacks and negative entities. This volcanic rock has a very attractive gorgeous look that makes it stunning and unique. The wearer instantly feels shielded from strong negative forces, with its powers to purify your aura quickly. It is a highly spiritual stone, carrying great metaphysical powers. Many people use it to connect to their higher self bringing forth positive thoughts that elevate one to empowerment and success. It is also used as a protection from evil.