5 Craziest Pets You Can Own Around The World

5 Craziest Pets You Can Own Around The World

Have you ever wanted to become an owner of the craziest pets that exist around the world? Then this article is for you.

Pets have become an inseparable part of our lives. Almost everyone you know owns or has owned some kind of a pet in the past. They are funny, fluffy, and we have built a very close friendship with them over the years.

Nowadays, it is no surprise that dogs and cats dominate the pet scene, being the two most popular animals we keep at home. It is because they come in all shapes and sizes and are for people of all tastes. In addition, they are relatively easy to keep and are cute to play with!

As it turns out, many people around the world have weird pets which you wouldn't meet daily. However, let's be honest, sometimes it does get boring when you go to a friend's house for the first time, and it is full of cat fur.

From giant venomous cobras to primates that are very similar to their owners, here is a list of the five craziest pets that you can own around the world.

1) King Cobras

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Yes, they are one of the most dangerous and lethal animals known to man. Yes, they are terrifying to even look at on TV. Yes, they are a pain in the butt to own and keep. But, the king cobra is one of the craziest pets that you can have.

It is illegal to own a venomous reptile in most areas, and it is not exactly difficult to understand why. However, live in a place where it is legal and are enthusiastic enough to go through complex procedures of acquiring a permit, which basically involves becoming a full-fledged snake whisperer. You can buy your king cobra and own it as a pet.

On the other hand, with their black-and-white neck stripes and the roundish shape of their head resembling a crown, they are easily one of the most beautiful animals in the world. Keeping them can certainly be a headache, too, since, well, aside from the fact that their venom kills every living thing, they grow up to become as long as 13 ft!

If you want to impress your friends or maybe even win a long-term dare, you can try owning one of the craziest pets around the world - the king cobra.

2) Kangaroos

5 Craziest Pets You Can Own Around The World

Kangaroos are the pride of Australia. These funny-looking but menacing hoppers are an iconic symbol of the Australian nation. With an estimated population of almost 50 million, kangaroos are still considered to be exotic when you come across them in other countries. Even though they are large, human-sized animals and need a lot of space, several people own kangaroos.

Contrary to what you might think, buying, selling, or owning a kangaroo is illegal in Australia. However, if you are a resident of some US states, you can have a kangaroo as a pet, as long as you have a permit. Hell, in Wisconsin, South Carolina, and West Virginia, you can even own a kangaroo legally without a permit! Yeah, weird, right?

However, even if you can do it, it doesn't mean that you should (a recurring theme in this article, as you will see later). Unfortunately, the exciting and exciting species the kangaroos are, they do not make good pets. At first, they are cute, and if you are an owner of a baby kangaroo, you might look fantastic initially. But, once they outgrow you and do not get enough socialization with their kind, they will become aggressive towards you, and you will soon realize that it all was just a huge mistake.

Despite this, kangaroos certainly are one of the weirdest pets that you can own.

3) Monkeys

5 Craziest Pets You Can Own Around The World

Humans, just like monkeys, are primates. There is no denying that we share similar characteristics with the beloved species that come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most prevalent motivating factors when deciding to buy a worthy inclusion on the list of weird pets is a monkey.

It is relatively easy to do so as well. In the US, for example, it is legal to own a monkey in most states. Well, you do still technically need to go through a training period and eventually obtain a permit for your chimpanzee or capuchin to become an official member of your family. Still, hey, if Ross managed to do it on Friends, you can do it too.

Weird pets that they are, you will find that monkeys are surprisingly intelligent and will be friendly towards you, as long as you show care towards them. Of course, their natural habitat is the jungle, where they have the freedom to maneuver around the trees and swing their way into freedom. But, if you have a big private house with a lot of space and vegetation, you can undoubtedly become a monkey owner. Once you spend enough time with it and train it, you will find yourself as attached to it as with your ordinary intelligent dog.

However, if you decide to own one of the craziest pets of all time, a friendly suggestion would be to go for the smaller one. That is unless you want to completely flex on your friends with a 5 feet tall baboon.

4) Fennec Fox

5 Craziest Pets You Can Own Around The World

This small, cute animal, commonly known as a desert fox, is found in the northern part of Africa. They have the most adorable look with their oversized ears, but can you own them as one of the weird pets? It turns out you can.

Fennec foxes are very much like dogs. They love the interaction with humans and are very friendly. Just like your average dog, they can also be trained. They are fluffy and cuddly, and if you live in a suitable climate, they can definitely make for weird pets.

The biggest problem with a fennec fox is that it is a nocturnal animal, meaning that it is the most active at night. So, don't be surprised if you hear a loud, high-pitched noise in your backyard on a random Tuesday night. Even though it might be a slight nuisance, differently from other animals on this list, at least fennec foxes aren't deadly, and you don't really need to be extra careful with them. With the proper diet and living conditions, they are adorable, albeit one of the craziest pets.

Are you prepared to pay $2000+ for an exotic African fox for it to just be called a dog by your boomer grandparents? Whatever the answer to that question might be, a fennec fox is one of the craziest pets you can own around the world.

5) Axolotls

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What the hell even is an axolotl? Why is it on the list of the craziest pets? Let us explain.

Axolotls are salamanders. They are smaller in size and come in more exotic colors. Differently from salamanders, though, they are exclusively aquatic. Still not sold on owning it? Okay. How about the fact that they can actually regrow their parts? Yes, like truly regenerate pieces of their body? Are you Impressed? We certainly are.

Axolotls are so cool that they have recently been added to one of the most popular video games of all time - Minecraft. If all the other characteristics do not sell their uniqueness, this certainly will make them seem like one of the craziest pets you can own around the world. They are one of those weird pets that are relatively cheap for their exotic nature, low maintenance, and mostly legal, so basically the full package.

When deciding to buy an axolotl, you should also keep in mind that you need a specifically designed water tank where they will live. They are not exactly social, however, and will not come into contact with you quickly. It would be better if you managed to buy a pair of them and let them live together.

Be wary, though. Being one of the weird pets in the world isn't easy - axolotls are considered to be endangered, so only own them if you can take good care of them.