5 Common Behaviors That Can Push People Away From You

5 Common Behaviors That Can Push People Away From You

Are you pushing people away? Here are 5 common behaviors that can push people away from you.

While people should accept us for who we are, some behaviors make it such a chore. Even if they seem harmless, they're definitely getting on someone's nerves and pushing them away from you.

We should always try to keep the positive people in our lives loyal to us and attract even more positive people. The last thing you want to do is push them away.


Here are 5 unwanted behaviors that push people away from you.

Taking Everything Too Personally

Life is hard enough, and taking everything that happens to you to heart will make it even harder for everyone.

Your boss gives your coworker a job that you think you can do; they think you're not good enough a worker.


Your best friend asks someone else for advice; they probably don't trust you, right? Wrong!

A negative attitude won't only ruin your relationships, but it will also really drop your self-esteem.

You decide what you're worth through your actions. For that reason, relying on others to determine your true worth is definitely going to push some people away.

Continuous Jealousy

A slight feeling of jealousy can motivate you to better yourself, but too much will cause more harm than good.


The green-eyed monster might appear when your sister gets into nursing school, and you don't, or when you realize your cousin has such a great love life.

It might feel horrible, but you should never let it control you.

It's true that this natural feeling of jealousy makes people push harder to improve themselves, but when you get too jealous of others, that will only push them away.



Positive people don't feel any pleasure by speaking negatively about others. Therefore, if you want to keep them around you, gossiping probably isn't a good way.

A civilized conversation shouldn't involve putting people down and judge everyone to feel better about yourself.

Instead, it should have a purpose, even if it's just to have fun with your friends or family. But any unnecessary gossip should definitely be avoided, no matter how tempting.


Soon, though, you'll realize that you don't even need to gossip. In fact, you'll find yourself focusing on the more important things in life.


Being lazy will only cause failure.

Laziness pushes people away by making them feel like you don't care about doing what you have to do. They feel you can't even handle your responsibilities and just want everything to be handed to you.


If you don't even care about yourself, how can you possibly care about them?

If your friends like to go out with you, and all you ever say to them when they invite you out is that you want to stay home and eat pizza, they'll probably give up sooner or later.

The Need For Constant Validation

Finally, those of us who always need other people's validation to boost our self-esteem is so exhausting to be around.


If you don't want to push people away, you should stop trying to impress them with things like a new job or a house that's bigger and fancier than everyone else's.

The constant need to win people over is toxic to everyone around you. All it'll do is push them away from you.

Seeing the bigger picture in life—seeing it as an entire journey—will make you happier and more peaceful, which will attract more positive people to you.


Those were some of the most common unwanted behaviors that push people away from you. Can you name a few that you've been doing?