5 Best Ways To Help Kids Succeed In School

5 best ways to help kids succeed in school

Your children are only half the equation when it comes to academic success. It's your responsibility as a parent to provide them with all the tools and the proper environment for them to succeed.

You also need enough interest in their academic success to track their progress, see where they might be struggling, and help them get over that hump. Let's take a look at a few ways you can help kids succeed in school.

Use Pretests Wisely

Pretests can be used by teachers or schools to assess a child's aptitudes and level in different disciplines, but they can be very useful for parents too. Services like Pretest Plus have pretests from the CAT to university entrance tests. This will allow you to identify your child's strengths and areas where they might be lacking.

Focus on their Strengths First

It's important that you don't immediately berate them for doing poorly in certain areas. Instead, look at areas where they're doing well and play these up. This will allow them to build confidence, which is one of the most important things for a child's success in any area.

Get an Update Yourself

The more you are involved in your child's academic life, the more chances they have at succeeding. But, if you lack a foundation yourself or forgot a lot of the things they are currently learning, we suggest that you at least research some of the subjects they need the most help with. Many online courses will help you refresh some of your skills and at least not look clueless when they ask you for help with things that should be simple.

Hire a Tutor

A tutor could be all that your child needs to improve. There are cases when the teacher or the class environment is making things tougher for a child. You don't always have the luxury of switching to another school, but what you can do is find a tutor that fits their learning style. Sessions can be one on one or with small groups. Tutors can be found for any subject, and many online services will allow you to find a great tutor near you in no time, so give them a try.

Improve Nutrition and Quality of Sleep

You also have to control most of what they eat and when they get to sleep, so check their sleep and eating habits. Food plays a crucial role in how children develop and learn, which could make much more of a difference than you think.

They need to get their eight hours of sleep minimum, and it has to be mandatory. Check if their environment is conducive to sleep and limit screen time to two hours before sleep.

As far as food goes, there are two main things you have to worry about: sugars and protein. Sugars are what the brain feeds on, so their diet needs to be rich in complex carbs that will provide them with a steady dose of energy without a crash.

Proteins are what allows the brain to focus. It also helps them stay full longer and prevents them from reaching for fatty or sugary snacks, which are bad for brain function. Also, look at supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids or try to add them to their diets through things like fatty fish.

These are all simple tips that will help your child perform better at school. The most important is letting them know that you're on their side and doing the work so you can be of help when needed.