5 Best Places To Put A Dehumidifier In Your Apartment

5 Best Places To Put A Dehumidifier In Your Apartment

Are you wondering about the proper placement of your Dehumidifier? This is often the cause of concern for the user. Even though there are some possible locations for its placement, the user must know the best place to put the Dehumidifier in your apartment, especially for new users who may not know where the right place is. However, you have come to the correct location to know about it.

The purpose of this article is to provide the necessary information to assist the user with the Dehumidifier. So users after finding the best dehumidifier for apartment that fits their needs must read this article before placing it anywhere based on guesswork. Start knowing where to put it to get the best results and avoid the biggest mistakes and risks.


Where Should A Dehumidifier Be Put? - 5 Best Places To Put It

After purchasing the Dehumidifier, do not rush to install it unless users know the exact location. Its placement has some random areas, and a user must choose from among them. However, now I know which locations are best for placement.

On A Table:

Users can put the Dehumidifier on the floor or side of the room. But they should never keep it close to the ceiling or floor. Maintain a distance of 2-4 feet directly from the ground and at least 4 feet from the ceiling. Dirt-laden winds circulate at specified altitudes. So keeping the Dehumidifier on the table is the best idea.


Bottom Of A Stairwell:

The most suitable place to put the Dehumidifier is where there is sufficient air circulation. In this case, one can choose the bottom of the stairwell. There is ample air movement and low humidity. So some may consider this place suitable.

Near The Heater:

Room heaters are used indoors in winter. Areas near these appliances are generally less humid than other areas. In this case, users can consider this place as a dehumidifier placement. The machine will slowly start to increase the amount of humidity. The heater has enough airflow, so there is no obstruction to its efficient operation.


Center Of The Room:

You can keep it in the center of the room to distribute the humidity throughout the room. The center of the room has the desired airflow. So it can spread the moisture evenly in almost all rooms. The device is capable of distributing humidity up to 360 degrees indoors.

Near The Plants:

What plants are there in the house? Then there is another suitable location to keep the Dehumidifier. In winter, when humidity often drops below 40 percent, it's a good idea to keep it near houseplants. Humidity levels should be higher near plants. That is why one should keep the Dehumidifier close to the plants to maintain proper humidity in winter.


Importance Of Placing A Dehumidifier In The Right Places

Users often neglect to put a dehumidifier in the correct location. Perhaps they don't care. Indeed, people will not ignore having the right place when they know its importance.

To Ensure Enough Air Flow:

This can be a huge mistake when you put the Dehumidifier in the corner of the room. The room's corners have minimal air circulation, which is insufficient for the device to give good results. It also creates moisture unevenly. Moreover, according to a study in the book "Heloise Around the House," (1) users must not keep it in the bathroom or kitchen. There is excess moisture in the kitchen or bathroom areas.


To Secure Electric Devices:

If one unknowingly puts the Dehumidifier near electronic devices, it can cause severe damage. The thing creates moisture, and users know water is harmful to electronic items. So, users must keep it away from all electronic devices. It should not even have anything electronic on it at all.

To Keep Away From Bacteria:

When people put the Dehumidifier near a window instead of in the correct location where it receives direct sunlight, it mixes indoor humidity with sun exposure to create bacteria. When moisture is released in the room, it evaporates and spreads bacteria that enter the body with inhalation. This situation is quite inconvenient for those who have allergy problems.


To Access It Easily:

Recommended places to keep the Dehumidifier are easily accessible to users. So if they keep the thing anywhere other than these locations, they will face some difficulties. It needs to be accessed immediately to clean it or shut down in an emergency. That is why it is essential to keep it in a suitable location.

Are There Any Health Risks To Sleeping With A Dehumidifier?

Sleeping with a dehumidifier has no health risks if you set it to the right humidity level. There are some health benefits to sleeping regularly in humidity levels, usually between 30 and 50 percent. Even those who do not have asthma problems can use it, considering the health benefits.


Regularly sleeping in the humidity can eliminate chapped lips, nosebleeds, and sinus problems. Besides, those who suffer from frequent cold problems can get good results by using it regularly.

Can You Place A Dehumidifier Close To Your Bed?

Users can place the Dehumidifier near the bed but must know how far away it should be. Put the device at least 3 feet away from the bed. In addition, it must be kept in free space by spreading the moisture almost equally to other parts of the room.


There is no severe harm in keeping it too close to the bed. However, the user should not limit the humidity to only one location. Keep it at the recommended distance considering the various benefits.

Why Should You Put A Dehumidifier?

Putting a dehumidifier in the house has many benefits, as it can create humidity during vital periods. During winters, the humidity decreases significantly, making the skin dry. As the device spreads the moisture to the surrounding areas, it prevents drying or cracking of the scalp.


It also reduces the spread of germs in the house. According to research (2), different types of dehumidifiers are beneficial for patients. People who have asthma can get the best results by using it regularly. Mainly people keep it for health benefits.

In Conclusion:

A dehumidifier plays a significant role in creating a comfortable and healthy environment in any home. But its effectiveness depends on where it is placed. Placing it in an area with low air circulation produces uneven humidity. Hence, when you decide to use it, it is necessary to know the best place to put a dehumidifier.


The places mentioned in this article are undoubtedly the best for a dehumidifier. Hopefully, now users know the importance of placing the Dehumidifier in the right location and can put it ideally.