5 Best Hidden Jokes In Children's Movies

5 Best Hidden Jokes In Children's Movies

Everyone loves children's movies. They are fun to watch, with easily understandable plots and lovable characters. Even though they are meant for children, audiences of all ages watch them and are captivated by the different stories that each of them conveys.

Most children's movies feature simple jokes - enough to make a kid laugh. These jokes are often light and don't make sense outside of the movie.

However, after rewatching some of the classics, a grown person can make an exciting discovery. Sometimes, they feature hidden jokes in children's movies amid all the colorful animation, memorable action, and straightforward dialogue and are difficult to grasp.

Below, you will find the top 5 best-hidden jokes in children's movies that will leave you blushing. These jokes are the ones that become more and more noticeable as you grow older - leaving a slight smirk on the faces of adults but escaping the attention of kids. Also, needless to say, SPOILER ALERT!

Lord Farquaad's Insecurities In Shrek

5 Best Hidden Jokes In Children's Movies

Shrek is regarded by many as one of the best animations ever made. Even though members of all age groups enjoy the movie because of its original plot, its great mix of loveable characters, and its overall hilariousness, it is still considered to be a children's movie.

Shrek features quirky jokes all throughout the film. That's why it is easy to miss some of the adult jokes that appear here and there throughout the movie.

The elephant in the room is, of course, Donkey's infamous love affair with Dragon. This is a more obvious plot point that puzzles everyone, including the kids. It makes the viewers intrigued about how a small animal like Donkey managed to have an affair with an enormous creature that is Dragon, eventually producing little Dragon babies in the sequel.

This factor aside, there are many other hidden jokes in the film, especially with its main antagonist - Lord Farquaad. Lord Farquaad is definitely a weird guy, being very short and having an interestingly large head for its size. Even his name, once you take out the letter "r," sounds like a dirty word, which is often used to describe people of stupid nature.

Most notably, however, when Shrek and Donkey visit Farquaad's massive castle, Shrek chuckles and remarks that maybe he's "compensating for something" that he lacks, ahem, down thereā€¦

This is one of those adult jokes that grows on you once you rewatch the movie and makes you search for even more hidden jokes, of which there are plenty.

Oedipus Cross-over With Hercules

5 Best Hidden Jokes In Children's Movies

Disney loves putting different familiar references in its movies.

One of the best examples of this, for all the mythology lovers out there, is in 1997's animation - Hercules. The movie is one of the hidden gems of Disney's famous animated films and still holds up after more than 20 years from its initial release. All the characters have distinctly funny traits, making watching them an unforgettable experience filled with laughter.

But, just like in many other Disney movies, there is one hidden adult joke in Hercules, which, unless you have a general knowledge of ancient Greek mythology, is easy to miss.

Midway through the movie, after Hercules and Meg watch a "weird" play about a guy named, you guessed it, Oedipus, they are both shocked and don't really understand what they just saw - much like the kids left in confusion when they watch this scene.

Of course, if you are familiar with the myth of Oedipus, who made some questionable decisions like MARRYING HIS OWN MOTHER, you would find the joke absolutely hilarious, primarily because Hercules itself is based entirely on mythology. A reference to another myth is quite satisfying to see.

All in all, the reference to Oedipus is among the list of best adult jokes in kids' movies, meant for the audience of mythology-knowing, dirty-mind-having grown-ups.

Frozen - Lifting All Men's Self-Esteem

5 Best Hidden Jokes In Children's Movies

Who doesn't love watching Frozen? It is one of those animations you will most definitely sit down for once it comes on TV. Frozen has gained this popularity because of its creative plot and characters that are fun to watch for everyone.

In addition, Frozen also features some of the best dialogue for being a kids' movie, with its characters interacting on a deep level that is very believable and unique.

With clever writing come smart jokes, however, and Frozen is no exception. That includes adult jokes in kids' movies.

When Anna and Kristof are on a sleigh ride, Anna says that "foot size doesn't matter," making all adult male viewers extremely happy and boosting their confidence to never-before-seeing heights. Of course, the writers intended to please some of the adult audiences of the movie because, let's be honest, "foot size" doesn't really refer to foot size.

Despite it being one of the most overused adult jokes, the reference is hidden very well and brings a smile to the face of a grown-up viewer, earning its spot on the list of the best-hidden jokes in children's movies.

"Flashing Lights" in Cars

5 Best Hidden Jokes In Children's Movies

Cars is a classic that has aged with time like fine wine. Everyone has seen it, primarily due to it managing to pull off an all-car, no-human world that is still pretty unique to this day. In addition, it has one of the best redemption stories of the main character ever in animation, making it a familiar favorite.

However, Cars is another installment where you can find some lines that will only start to make sense once you have grown out of childhood and rewatched it, granting it a spot in the list of top hidden jokes in children's movies.

The best example of this is when, after finishing his race, two fangirl cars flash their headlights at him, blinding him for a moment. It looks like nothing dirty at first, right? Well, think again. Because "flashing" is not only associated with lights, especially when it comes to famous people getting "flashed." McQueen does not really give the same reaction as most men would give if a girl flashed them, however. Rather disappointing.

This is one of the best adult jokes in kids' movies that will go unnoticed.

Zootopia Meets Breaking Bad

5 Best Hidden Jokes In Children's Movies

Last but not least, we have Zootopia, which is again full of references. Most of these references are apparent, but some are really not meant for children, like the movie itself.

Most remarkably, it is the Breaking Bad reference, which is executed so well that, if you are a fan of the show (and let's be honest, who isn't?), it will leave you in great satisfaction.

If being dressed in an iconic yellow suit and working on a chemical substance isn't enough, the sheep that is mixing the chemicals literally says while talking on a phone: "Walt and Jesse are back, I'm leaving," clearly establishing the fact that the movie is referencing one of the most loved TV shows of all time.

Even though it is the only entry that is not an innuendo reference, this scene in Zootopia is one of the best-hidden jokes in children's movies.

Now that we've refreshed your mind with these hidden jokes, what other adult jokes in kids' movies do you are the best?