5 Alternative Ways Of Dealing With Energy Drainers

5 Alternative Ways Of Dealing With Energy Drainers

The people in our lives have a very deep impact on us, but we don't always realize it. There are people who bless us with joy and positivity and those who drain our energy and leave us feeling empty.

This is something that not everyone realizes in time and they pay for it with their happiness.

It is possible for our own energies to mix with the energies of others. You may not know it at first, but this does affect you. You will feel it when you're around certain people.


Fortunately, there are ways to handle these people. We will take a look at the 5 ways of dealing with energy drainers.

Keep Yourself Grounded

This is the first thing you can do when you're dealing with people who drain your energy, and it works very well.

You have to be calm and grounded for your mind and body to perform at their best. This way you can pick up on negative people and those who drain your energy much easier.


You will have a calm mind that will know how to deal with such people.

Practice White Light Meditation

As the name suggests, you will be making use of the white light inside you with this form of meditation. It will help shield you against negativity.

In addition, this light will keep your energy protected against those who wish to drain it on purpose and without realizing it.


Don't Take Your Negativity Home

When you stop in front of your front door, make a purposeful decision to leave any negativity you carry at your doorstep. Don't take it inside your home.

Don't take the stress and pain of the outside world into your home. If you find this difficult, meditate. This step could take a while to get right, but don't give up trying.


Be Open - Literally

Open your windows and doors to allow fresh air into your home. When you have to deal with negativity and toxic energies, the last thing you want is to feel trapped.

However, this may not always be enough. With that said, it does make you feel better.

Avoid Contact

This may be difficult because you can't always avoid negative people and their energy. But do your best not to give them attention. Don't let them poison your mind or energy.


You are deserving of happiness and peace, and you don't have to put up with negativity. Do what you can to remove negative people from your life.