450 German Shepherds Rescued From Extreme Hoarding Situation


An extreme hoarder was found in possession of 450 German Shepherds.

Obviously, these dogs were living in less than ideal conditions under the ineffective care of their owner. The dogs were living in truly squalid conditions, and they had been forced into a space that could hardly contain them.

Both the police and animal rescue outfits had to work together to rescue the dogs.

This proves that we should pay local animal shelters more attention instead of heading straight to the fancy pet stores when in need of a pet.


At first, when residents raised concerns over the issue with the local police, they were ignored. However, when the police saw the photos, they knew they had to act immediately.

The dogs were rescued from their sad home and arrests were made.

The state of the dogs and their accommodation was saddening, as they were living inside livestock enclosures. To make matters worse, they did not get food or clean water regularly.


The animals had to live in their own filth for long periods of time, and there was hardly ever a dry place in the enclosure they could stand on.

The situation is certainly appalling, and the fact that the police took so long to react did not help things.

That anyone would put these innocent creatures through this level of mistreatment in a bid to make some money is sickening.

When the breeder was arrested, he was charged with felony charges.


But 450 dogs is not a joke. Even the rescuers who arrived at the scene to offer assistance certainly had a lot on their hands as far as the rescue operation was concerned.

Many of the dogs were a muddy mess, and some were sick. These were assisted first.

The dogs would finally get decent attention for the first time in their lives, and they could finally have a real shot at a happy life.


In the end, the rescue team, which consisted of Guardians of Rescue, Animal Aid USA, and other partners and volunteers, helped out with the rescue.

The dogs looked scared, but that was understandable considering what they had been through. But with the love they deserve, they should be fine from now on.

At the moment, Canine Pet Rescue is facilitating the rehabilitation of these dogs to find them permanent homes.


Obviously, due to this high influx of German shepherds, it might seem like this is their preferred breed going by their Facebook posts.

However, such gross and wide-scale mistreatment of animals needs to stop.